72% of marketers worldwide said relevant content creation was the most effective SEO tactic!

Why Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Techniques Align your services / Products to the way consumers Purchase & Consume goods In 2018 . 

Via Internet Marketing trends,and procedures enables you to build high quality relations with consumers in a low cost, personalized communication that Enhances your customers experience with your brand, and Services. 

Understand your user experience

“UX” (User Experience) is the perfect blend of user friendly  & Website design that makes the user experience friendly and pleasing on the eyes. 

UX is also about creating a Properly functioning website that users can Easily find the content they need. the key components of great UX Are  – 

Usability ,Value,functionality,navigation,adaptability,& design 

Fun Facts – 86% of buyers will pay more $   for a better customer experience 

remain responsive across devices

Mobile Devices  Account For 53% Of Paid Search Clicks ! 

Thats right half of your customers are using mobile / tablet devices to shop ,search and use the internet. 

You need to make sure your website is mobile friendly in 2018, at HomeBizNetworks I break down all things mobile trends and how to set your website up for mobile friendliness. 

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At HomeBizNetWorks.com I break down everything you need to know about social media marketing.Plane and Simple if your not on social media , then you are missing out on potential clients / customers. Learn the correct ways of social media marketing at Homebiznetworks.com

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