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10 Benefits Of Being A Wealthy Affiliate In 2018

All right, all right, currently its June 2018, and I want to discuss 10 benefits of being a wealthy affiliate in 2018. Imagine your self in the short future working for your self, building high quality business and services, creating your own hours, and helping out your local community. All that and above can be a reality if you put in the work and become a internet marketer. Wealthy Affiliate can help you achieve those goals, and I want to break down how WA can do it.

If you are looking for a very high end cost affordable internet marketing training program then wealthy affiliate is  for you. Wealthy Affiliate is the number one affiliate marketing course on the market today. Recently WA upgraded their website, and built out more training material for the wealthy affiliate community, they also upgraded  the keyword research tool they use. Personally, I have ben a wealthy affiliate member since 2016, and the community taught me how to build a website, generate sales, and also answer any questions I have.

The number one reason why I refer people to wealthy affiliate is the simple fact that I truly believe in the techniques and services they offer. The training has allowed me to make sales, and the training is high level. You will learn from start to finish how to build an internet marketing empire. Now let me break down the 10 Benefits Of Being a wealthy affiliate In 2018.

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10 Benefits Of Being A Wealthy Affiliate In 2018

  1. Webhosting services
  2. Customer support
  3. Internet marketing training
  4. Certifications for internet marketing
  5. Weekly live training videos with Q/A
  6. Community of internet marketers and entrepreneurs
  7. Easy website set-up from hosting to word press
  8. Key word tools
  9. Learn how to find / pick niches
  10. Affiliate programs
  11. Bonus Feature – Free trial & Free Training’s they have free & Pay memberships.

Webhosting services –

Ok this is by far one of the coolest features within WA, the potential of hosting your websites thru the WA community is a great deal because it will give you the chance to build multipole website with very little hosting fees. Wealthy affiliate is all in one package, you can find, buy, host your domain name ( yourdomain.com) then after you get a domain name, you can upload it to a WordPress theme  and log directly into WordPress in wealthy affiliate.

Don’t worry there is a ton of training videos with-in  WA to teach you how to do this. You will also get prompted to install other widgets to your word press theme, that help with website speed, security, and analytical tracking.

Customer Support –

Need help with your website design, submit a ticket to the WA support team. Have issues with a marketing technique ask the WA help team. If you are having a very bad technical question, then you need to reach out to the WA support team. Personally, I reach out to them multipole times and they are very quick. When running and building a internet / ecom business the secret is to have a great support team around you to assist you when you get stuck. Listen there is nothing wrong asking questions. Its all about utilizing anything or any resource that will help build the best business you can.

Internet Marketing Training –

Step by step instructional videos galore, with in WA and when you become a  payed member you get even more training and support . As you go thru the trainings Kyle likes to have the student go thru practical tasks after the video is finished he instructs the students to try doing the same thing he goes over in the video.

The goal of WA is to get you good at marketing, website design, and everything in-between. He encourages you to take action on your websites as you go thru the live training videos. There’s is also a full article a KEY note if you will in regard to the video, and there is a comment section where other students can discuss with each other problems and experiences.

Certifications for internet marketing –

As you move along thru the training in WA, you will come across specialized training that will grant you certifications after passing the course. These are usually 9 to 11 steps and or video trainings along with tasks that you need to complete before moving onto the next video. I have finished a few myself, and they are great to complete.  The WA training is un believable and it touches everything you need to know about internet marketing and digital media.

Some certs they have with WA is – affiliate marketing, branding, social brand awareness (social media Marketing ) online business entrepreneur, there is roughly 8 of them I have  completed 3, and they are always trying to build bigger, better, and UpToDate training material with in wealthy affiliate, so you can be successful.

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Weekly live training videos with Q/A –

OK this feature of wealthy affiliate in 2018  is awesome, every week one of the main teachers for WA does a hour long video training, each week there is a different subject matter, you get alerts via email when they start, and topics. Also he does a live Q&A session after the video training where he answers questions in the comment sections.

And don’t worry if you can’t make the live trainings, because they keep  it available for pro members to view afterword’s. I like this option because I can pause and then attempt the technique, and then go back a reference the video for further information if needed. It is also nice to see other people in the same situation I am in.

Community of internet marketers and entrepreneurs

With over 1,400,00 +  members and   23,00+ people helped daily The community of internet marketers and entrepreneurs are well taking care of. Let me tell you it is amazing to have the support of the wa community, the entrepreneurs are eager to help and share experiences with. You are never lonelily   with WA, and it is nice to have and meet like minded people who have started online business and are in the same position as me and you.

Being able to communicate to the wealthy affiliate community, and bounce ideas off of, get advice, and listen to other experience has greatly helped me with building out my ecom business. As business owners its key to be around other business owners, to talk and discuss things.

Easy website set-up from hosting to wordpress –

I touch based on this earlier in this article 10 Benefits of being a wealthy affiliate In 2018 but I wanted re-eradiate this concept, wealthy affiliate makes it extremely easy to set up a website. When you start a website you need hosting, and templates for your site, typically the hosting and templates can be a pain to figure out which service is best, and what platforms are comparable with each other.

When you become a WA member you have the potential to getting all the website hosting and templates via word press under one roof, this saves so much time and head aces when you are first trying to configure a WordPress website. You also have the option to build as many websites as possible. The WA webhosting feature is key.   I have built other website outside of WA and boy can it be a real pain, Wealthy affiliate webhosting features makes this so easy for use online marketers to build highly converting websites.

Key word tools & Learn how to find / pick niches

I Am combining these two features of WA because it is truly one hand washes the other. In other words it will be very hard to pick a great potential niche if you are not doing the correct keyword research. And if you ick the correct keywords then your business can and will prosper.

With In WA in 2018  they have a keyword tool that will give you all sorts of high quality analytics on Niche development, potential keywords, and figure out if a specific keyword could benefit your business or ecom store.

Affiliate Marketing

When you become a wealthy affiliate member they will gave you the opportunity to make money selling Wealthy Affiliate. They give you training on how to sell wealthy affiliate and give you all sorts of marketing material Like banner ads, and cool photos for your website. A major benefit of affiliate marketing is that you have the potential to make a lot of money. Once its set up and website traffic is following in, the sales will start dripping in, and its almost like printing money in your sleep. Affiliate marketing is amazing and the possibilities are endless.

Final Thoughts For 10 Benefits Of Being A Wealthy Affiliate In 2018

So there we have it, my thoughts on wealthy affiliate in a overall big picture look. My friends if You’re in the market for joining a high-end internet marketing Training program, then I must advise you to join wealthy affiliate. I mean you really don’t have anything to louse, I mean there is a free membership with in WA. Listen guys please give this platform a try, click the below link for your free trial today.

10 Benefits of being a wealthy affiliate In 2018

  1. Webhosting services
  2. Customer support
  3. Internet marketing training
  4. Certifications for internet marketing
  5. Weekly live training videos with Q/A
  6. Community of internet marketers and entrepreneurs
  7. Easy website set-up from hosting to word press
  8. Key word tools
  9. Learn how to find / pick niches
  10. Affiliate programs
  11. Bonus Feature – Free trial & Free trainings they have free & Pay memberships.

Wealthy Affiliate Stats For 2018

  • A Platform Designed For Affiliate Marketers Of All Levels
  • Proven Strategies To Attract Loads Of Traffic
  • 12 years in business
  • 193 countries
  • 1,400,000 + Members
  • 10,000+ New Businesses Built Monthly
  • 1,800+ Expert coaches and trainings
  • 23,000+ people helped daily

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