12 Top Online Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses In Boston MA

HI Boston Business Owners, MY name is shane I am a internet marketing consultant, and passionate digital marketer. I assume you came across my article because you are looking for better ways to market your small business in Boston MA. Well In this Article I will discuss 12 Top Only Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses In Boston MA. My goal with this article is to get you started marketing your brands online, and to try to use Local digital media techniques to build out your Boston MA Small Business.

When it comes to marketing any business, digital media needs to be at the fore front of all of your campaigns. This means publishing content regularly and telling the world about your services. I know from growing up in Quincy Ma, just south of Boston, business competition can be real stiff, it is a truly eat or be eating world as it relates to business success in Boston ma. That is why you need my 12 top online marketing strategies for your Boston business. Lets beat out our competition and start implementing the below marketing strategies.

The 12 Online Marketing Strategies For Small Business IN
Boston MA – MY KeyNotes

  1. SEO & Organic Search results / click thru rates
    • Blogging – and content creation ( local terms )
    • Keywords & Long tail Keywords
    • Squeeze pages
    • And lead captures
    • U need people clicking on your articles so your titles need to pop with local terms
  2. PPC Ad campaigns
    • -key points  local search terms
    • targeting –
    • focus on human relations , anger ,disgust, affirmation and fear –
    • key thought Higher CTRs = Higher conversion rates

  1. Social media Pay Per Click advertising
    • Bing ads
    • Google ads
    • Banner ads
    • Facebookads
    • Instagram ads
    • Linkedin ads
    • Use local terms
    • Target people who have liked and viewed your sites ( Retargeting)
  2. FaceBook Organic Reach / Marketing
    • Use PAT ( Preferred audience Targeting)
    • Target people who have liked your page / content
    • Short videos for brand awareness
    • Proper use of hashtags (#)
    • Ask your followers a survey to generate conversations that will benefit your followers
  3. YouTube video Ads
    • Target popular videos in your Niche and put your video ad in front of their readers
    • Build a highly engaging YouTube channel
    • Google video ads + retargeting youtube views
    • Place banner ads on other you tube videos
  4. Offer something irresistible for new customers
  5. branding techniques
    • Social media marketing
    • Blogging
    • Youtube – vlogging
    • Forum marketing – Answering questions on forums
    • Email marketing
  1. re-targeting
    • use cookies
    • facebook ad manager
    • A/B ad testing
    • Usually add a pixel code to your website to track visitors from paid ads.
  2. Republish content on Medium
    • Publish photos
    • Highlight keyword terms and link back to site
    • Optimize for search results.
    • Huge scope of audience in many different niches
  3. email marketing
  4. linked in marketing
    • similar to facebook marketing
    • think business to business services
    • very professional white collar users

12 Influencer marketing

  • Have popular people post for you on their profiles
  • Utilize another persons popularity
  • Reach a lot more potential customer

Bonus Tip –  Instagram Marketing

  • Story boards
  • Paid advertising thru facebook ad manager
  • Post infographics
  • Post short intro videos

Some key factors on how Internet Marketing Strategies will benefit your Business in Boston MA

Firstly and simply to meet changing demands! Radio, television and print ads like magazines are disparaging rapidly, although they all have their respectful spots in the world  of branding and marketing. The greatest benefit how ever of internet marketing is the fact you can change to customers demands very very fast. Almost instantly. At a click of a mouse you can shut of marketing campaigns, change targeting, and or only show ads during specific times. Internet marketing is truly “Alive” that’s why as business owners we need to adjust at will.

Secondly  the reason why you need to be marketing and advertising online, is because your customers are online shopping and searching for specific goods. Make sure your one of the brands being found, and that your business does not end up like Toys R Us.

Thirdly is the cost efficiency with online marketing. Internet marketing can be very cost effective when you utilize local targeting for the Boston market – place. Because you are using local terms like Boston XYZ service you will only be competing against the other brands in your area not the whole world or the entire united states. Also with many digital media campaigns you can quickly end/change/edit any campaign so you can freeze / stop any campaign that is not working almost instantly. Its because of the control of the marketing campaign manager. which makes internet marketing cost effective. 


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My Final Thoughts for 12 Top Online Marketing Strategies For Small Businesses In Boston MA

All right I know a lot of information to digest. But first I want to let you know that the secret to local digital marketing is to keep things simple and focus on branding not selling. What do I mean by this. Well it is currently 2018 and believe it or not the way consumers shop, and research products has changed. The power is currently in the hands of the consumers.

If a consumer is looking for your service/products in the Boston area they most likely research your business in 3 different spots, first your website, then your social media profiles, then on forums. My fellow Bostonian business owner’s consumers are looking into what others say about your brand. That Is why Branding is your major selling asset.

In many cases the trick to branding is creating value and consistent content, either thru blogging or vlogging. Then after you create that video –  you share it on social media. So if you take the above 12 Online Marketing Strategies For Small Business IN Boston MA, and focus on value and branding as it relates when attacking one of the 12 marketing strategies, you won’t louse.

We need to keep marketing tactics for your small business in Boston simple, start with one, get good at it, then move on to the next technique.  Its about testing, consistency, and providing value for your customers. I hope this article has helped you learn a thing or two about marketing your business and services in the Boston area.

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