2018 Instagram TV MY Initial thoughts

All right so yesterday , June-6-2018 Mark Zucks announced Instagram tV. This service is a stand alone app, in which any one can upload videos. This new Instagram feature is trying to compete against you tube.

 Personally I think its great, and it has a great potential for Brands / services  to market  there services on the Instagram social media platform. So keep reading because I am about to break down my initial thoughts for Instagram TV in 2018.

The Main Features For Instagram TV

  • Iphone & Android
  • Instagram TV ( IGTV) lets you view and upload longer video clips than you can with instagram
  • Videos could be 60 Min long
  • You can comment on videos and share them with friends and followers
  • Easy set up /login/and is synced to your original Instagram account
  • Swipe up to see popular videos, and other videos you may like
  • Follow and search recommended channels
  • Each user – Instagram account has there own Channel where you can up load videos
  • Only a few big time users have the option for a hour long videos, many users has a limit of 10 min.

How as business owners & content creators Monetize On Instagram TV

Firstly, Instagram has made uploading and adding videos very simple, they also made it very easy to find, and comment on other Instagram tv channels.SO for those business managers, who are not great with technology, Instagram TV is Uber easy to upload, share, and create videos. All you need is a smart phone. Also the content creators are the channels them self’s so basically if you build out a good following, and set up awesome funnels with in Instagram then you can flip a profit, and build out your brand.  

Instagram mains focus is to connect with people and keep it simple. So as a business owner, if you can create high quality posts with valuable content and focus on branding not selling you will be good to good and your Instagram account will prosper. We need to think about branding / and giving first before selling. And brands are still very behind on this aspect. Just look at what’s going with toys are US, macys and some other brands, a big part of why they are failing is because of poor branding on social media, and not being open to marketing changes.

My key tips to branding on Instagram TV ( IGTV)

  • Create Content Daily /weekly/monthly just stay consistent
  • Don’t spam, or be to salesy, provide value and information first
  • Use HashTags# but not To many
  • Leave a link to your squeezpage or money site in your profile , then leave call to actions on your IGTV videos to follow your page and view your link in your profile. I do generate traffic to my site from Instagram with this technique
  • Leave comments on other videos in your niche, with a follow me on insta call to action. To make this technique work, you need to leave valuable comments that inhance the video or answer a commenters question
  • Think youtube video marketing

OK now social media marketing is a great opportunity for brands to reach the masses , and this new instagram tv feature is quite cool. Currently sometime over the weekend I will be creating a instagram channel, but I do have a lot of experience with producing socialmedia videos on my insta /facebook & google+ social media pages, and I believe, if you create great value in your video content people will like ,share, follow, and purchase your services and products.

Long story short,  As internet marketers, we  need to get on this instagram tV thing, it has the potential to beat out youtube, and has the simplicity for anybody to use. Remember its about branding not selling when you are creating content for instagram tV. The sales will roll in just keep at it.

In Today’s world of internet marketing, people and buyers are getting used to doing there research on brands before making purchases. buyers will research you in 3 different placess,and compare you to other like brands. that is why you need to focus on branding first then selling later.  wish you the best of luck   Thanks for reading and please leave me a comment below in regards.

InstaGram Facts & Stats

  • Over 4.2 Billion posts are “Liked” per day on Instagram
  • 95 million posts are shared per day on Instagram
  • Instagram video Is on the rise – IGTV (instagram TV)
  • Brands / users love the Story board on Instagram
  • Roughly 800 Million active monthly Instagram users
  • 59% of Instagram US users are under 30 years of age
  • People are spending more time on InstaGram

Basic social media marketing stats

  • 70% of US citizens have at least one account on one social media platform
  • 79% of Americans are on Facebook, making facebook the number 1 most popular social media platform
  • Utilizing retargeting ads on social media have a better chance of generating more sales for brands
  • 15% of users watch Facebook with sound, so fellow marketers make sure you add subtitles to your videos
  • Almost 50 million small business utilize facebook business pages to connect to customers.
  • People love Images and infographics on social media
  • Video content on facebook gets the most likes, shares, and feed back on social media platforms

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