The 2018 New Years Eve Goal Post – My Ambitions For 2018

all right friends and followers, it is that time again for me to talk a little bit about my  business goals / ambitions for 2018. Now it is very important for you to create daly goals, and constantly review them and build upon them.

Now for me personally, I have a hand full of projects i am currently working on, and looking to build upon in 2018. below is the 2018 New Years Eve Goal Post with my ambitions for 2018 &

First Goal  – Build A Marketing community around

How Will I do It ?

Grow My Internet marketing Focus facebook Group.

This is a internet marketing focus group for serious business owners, who want to take internet marketing seriously and learn the ins and out, of all the neccesory tools, and techniques that can grow a business.

Click Here For Internet marketing Focus Group

Part 2 – Grow my Social Profiles

I will grow my social profile, by consistency & Postings. I will focu on value content, and helping out others follow me at the below profiles, and ask me your marketing questions.




Goal Number 2 –  Growing My Marketing Consulting / Coaching  servicess

in mid 2017 I noticed that many brick and motor business owners needed a lot of assistance with internet marketing. so I started building services and internet marketing  training’s material   that will  help these business owners out. I  also help ecom business / shopify store owners out as well.

In 2018 I will be looking to build and gain more clients, and truly take my consulting offers to the next level.

Goal Number 3 –  Read More Business / marketing books


So far I read roughly 8 business books a year, I want to keep this up, but read almost 10 books in 2018. Reading sales, and business books are a great way to keep your mind focused on your business and to learn how some of the best business minds do it. I like to read a book and try to take what techniques i have earned and apply them to

I encourage everyone to read business books. it will also help with opening your mind to new ways of doing things.


Goal Number 4 – create a Udemy course ( Internet Marketing )

this goal is more towards the end of 2018 but in 2018 i am going to start putting together a how to internet marketing  course then i can turn it around and sell it on udemy, and help out even more people.. There is no quit direction i have in mind at the current moment, but i know i want to create and sell a marketing course.

Final Thoughts The 2018 New Years Eve Goal Post – My Ambitions For 2018 !

Saying good by to 2017, will be slightly strange for me, it was a very productive year, and I laid some very important ground work down , heading into 2018, that will help me have  an even more productive year in 2018 for 2017 also went by very fast, and i assume 2018 will be the same. I am truly looking forward to the challenges ahead in 2018.. bring it on!!

So their you have it. the above is a short list of my major goals heading into 2018. do you have any marketing goals for the new year. Goals are the best way to keep things in perser pective. leave me  a comment below, and tell me your thoughts.





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