4 Tips to Keep Your Employees Motivated

As a business owner, you are helping a lot of people put food on the table for themselves and their families because you are creating and maintaining jobs. Once your company begins to grow and you have many more employees, you suddenly have a lot more people whom you have to keep motivated. It is not an easy task because you are mixing together a lot of different personalities, opinions and skill levels, so you have to be mindful. Here are four tips for keeping employees motivated.

Be a Good Manager

Most importantly, you have to be a good manager. Ultimately, if you are also the boss, the final decision is always made by you. It helps to request feedback from those who will be most affected by decisions, though. Bad management is a common reason why employees leave a company. While it is true that you are employing adults, adults still require recognition after a job well done as well as constructive criticism and respectful support.

Offer Rewards

There are numerous ideas for events that your employees will love. When you are trying to tell them they did a good job, showing it works just as well as saying it. Gift cards, a Christmas bonus, and fun corporate outings are some ideas that employees often appreciate. Rewards are wonderful gestures that signal to employees your recognition of them, and very few people will turn down a gift card for food, for example.

Offer Food

Everyone has to eat. There are very few times when food is going to get turned down. Startups have found that providing snacks daily and lunch at least once a week goes a long way for motivating employees. You may not be able to cater a lunch very often, but if you aim for once a month, it can be turned into a team-building event employees look forward to.

Be Flexible

Every employee has different life circumstances. Sometimes, your flexibility is going to be tested. Employees with children have a certain set of needs, and you cannot be surprised when emergencies pop up. Unpaid vacation days and working from home are some flexible options to consider. Loosen the reins on reporting hours by allowing late arrival or early departure.

Employee retention is much less expensive than employee acquisition. Your goal, therefore, should be to manage in a positive manner as well as provide recognition for a job well done by your employees to keep them motivated year-round.

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