5 Ways to Bring in New Customers

As a business, you are reliant on the customers you work with. Ideally, the more customers you have the more potential you have to grow. So, it is important to find strategies that will help you bring in new customers.

Get Involved

There are many reasons to get involved in your community. First and foremost, it’s a way for you to find new customers. When you are involved in the community, you increase your brand awareness. People will see your logo and any promotional material you have. If they say your business enough, they can become curious and choose to engage with your business. Additionally, getting involved is a great way to build your reputation. Depending on your involvement, you can show your community that you care.

As you benefit them, they will view you positively and be more willing to do business with you. Another way you can bring in customers is by building your network as you get involved. For example, if multiple businesses help out at the same event, you can all exchange information and offer to give referrals for each other’s businesses. Some ideas of what you can get involved in include farmers markets, business roundups, and community events such as a fundraiser or high school sporting event.

Use Social Media

Many businesses are embracing social media. It is mostly popular among businesses because it is an extremely useful marketing tool. Social media reaches virtually anyone and if you use multiple social media platforms you can reach people multiple times. This is helpful because people will see your advertisements more often and this can encourage them to make a purchase or use any services you offer. You can even get them to buy things from your profile without ever visiting your site. This creates a more convenient experience for your customers, and they may feel inclined to continue making purchases.

In addition to marketing and ecommerce, social media is also helpful in building relationships with your customers. When you take the time to build relationships, it shows your customers that you are invested in them and they will want to continue doing business and they might even refer you to other people. There are several ways you can engage with your audience. First, you can reply to comments and DMs. Make it a discussion rather than your customers commenting on your post without you ever getting involved. Some brands use social media to humanize their business or display more of a personality. Many people respond to this and may engage with your business simply because they like how you present yourself online.

Utilize Customer Reviews

Many people will trust an online review from a stranger as much as they trust a referral from a friend. Online reviews have become a very powerful tool in the business world. Most people will check the reviews of a business before visiting their location, making a purchase, etc. If you want to bring in more customers, you need to utilize customer reviews. One of the easiest ways to do this is by displaying positive reviews on your website. It’s helpful if you have multiple reviews to display.

There are also many official review sites, such as Yelp. You can make an account on these sites so customers can easily leave you a review. Another helpful platform to use reviews on is on your social media. You can simply display good reviews, or you can take things a step further. Feature some of your customers in social media posts. Create a video of them discussing their experience and what they enjoyed about your business. This can help draw in customers by displaying good reviews and by showing people that you value your customer’s experience and what they have to say.

Engage Current Customers

Your current customers can be an incredible tool for bringing in more customers. As mentioned, reviews are one way of doing this. However, there are other ways you can use your current customers to build your customer base. One place to start is with incentives for referrals. With this tactic, you encourage your customers to refer others to your business. When the people who received the referral engage with your business, you can offer an incentive to your existing customer. You can also encourage your customers to talk about your business by simply offering them good customer service. If you give your customers a positive experience, or even an above and beyond experience, they are more likely to talk casually about your business with others or to make referrals on their own.

Offer Promotions

People are more drawn to business when they are offered some type of give away or freebie. When you give something away, people are intrigued and feel no risk engaging with your business. They are simply trying it out with no consequences to them. Your freebie can be anything from a free trial to branded swag to a free sample of your product. To make things more fun, you can even create a contest or sweepstakes for people to enter. Once you offer something free to people, it exposes them to your business and it can build their interest.

Eventually, they can become a customer at your business.

Building your customer base should be one of your main priorities. There are many strategies you can try and it can even be helpful to try multiple approaches. Find some strategies that will work well for your business.

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