7 Easy Growth Hacks and How to Apply Them

Your brand doesn’t have to be a giant corporation or a mega-brand to initiate habits to grow your business. Small and medium brands can strategize accordingly and become one of the big boys. Your business can gain sustainable, scalable growth quickly by using these seven easy growth hacks.


All businesses know that marketing is one of the ultimate mandates for business success. However, it takes certain strategies to ensure success and to not spend unnecessarily on marketing. Thus, the following are spectacular marketing types to implement:

  1. Optimize Through Local Listings – You can optimize your performance of local SEO by adding your business to online directories like Superpages, Yellow Pages, Foursquare, Yelp for Business Owner, Bing Business Portal, and Google Places for Business. Also, Moz Local shows how your brand is showing on directories. You can do it yourself or have Moz Local management set up and maintain your local listings for a fee.
  2. Produce Buyer Personas – Creating buyer personas is an easy way to get to know your customers. A buyer persona is a made-up character that you create to assist in visualizing your target customer. This tool details data about goals, demographics, interests, challenges, and hobbies. Your target customer is brought to life and can show you a customer’s journey when deciding to purchase your service or product. From there, you can develop your marketing efforts around strategies specifically targeting that persona.
  3. Collecting Email Addresses – When collecting email addresses, you can stay in touch with the clients and obtain feedback. You can also influence potential customers to the next sales funnel phase. You can collect email addresses by requiring account registration, instilling subscribe forms on your site, giving a free item in return for an email address. You can also ask clients when they check out online or in-person. Alternatively, you can have a sign-up page on your Facebook page.
  4. Social Media Community Growth – In addition to growing your email list on Facebook, there are other ways to grow your brand’s social media community. You can share your content, promotions, services, products, and ideas as you see a higher engagement rate on Instagram, Twitter, and more.
  5. Hosting a Webinar – When hosting a webinar, you gain authority for your business, produce a fan base, display your industry knowledge, and build trust from potential customers.
  6. Using other marketing techniques – This could be running a giveaway or contest, having a referral program, applying retargeting, or using direct mail. For setting up a referral program, you can put it where it is visible to customers so that they are aware of the program. You must also make the program as easy as possible for new and existing clients and produce more than one reward to give to clients based on their needs and behaviors. Direct mail stands out and can make promotions more accessible for local customers you might otherwise miss.

When it comes to retargeting, use a retargeting software so that it can recognize a visitor of your site and prompt an ad for your company to show the same visitor later on. The purpose of this tool is to recapture the potential customer’s attention who already has shown interest in your brand.

The process to get retargeting software is easy. You just sign up for a retargeting service, add a code to your site, choose your target audience type, and create an ad for your audience

Google Reviews

To get Google Reviews for your business, you must look for your business name on Google. Then, you can find your business listing to the page’s right and click on the “write a review” link. Afterward, copy the URL in your address bar when the Google Review form comes up, and paste your URL into the URL shortener bit.ly. Then, send the shortened form link from Google My Business Review to your clients. Other consumers will be prompted to visit your site and to be trusted to do business from you upon seeing other customers’ positive reviews. Also, not only will positive reviews provide social proof of the quality of your product, but they can even help your search engine performance.


When it comes to business analytics, you can check to see how your business is faring in your market. Business data analytics is important for several reasons: It improves your brand’s performance, provides more accurate and faster decisions, minimizes risks, sparks innovation and change, and offers visible results. You will be able to connect with clients more personally. Also, marketing areas will implement analytics.

A/B Testing

A/B Testing is vital to ensuring your brand has an amazing and easily accessible user experience. You can have A/B tests for pop-ups, emails, and messaging. Various email messaging services have proven to be excellent in blast emails, through in-app messaging, and more.

You can have your site A/B tested as well. Customers can easily get frustrated with slow-working and inconvenient sites. With this type of experience, customers may possibly look to competitors for their needs and wants. They may also start losing trust in your brand. The A/B test for the site includes the buttons copy and colors, the homepage layout and header copy, page layouts, button positions, payment interfaces, price table layouts, the copy tone, and other options.


You must always be extremely consistent in your marketing techniques. You must implement success habits daily by emailing your newsletter subscribers, publishing your content, nurturing your community, and hosting discovery sessions. Making sure to focus on the right daily habits is the way to go to have a successful marketing campaign.


Planning in 90-day chunks is also imperative. Every 90 days, you should review your analytics in sales to find what isn’t selling, what changes would benefit the company, and so forth. You can also shuffle up in different ways to keep things fresh for your customers.

Branded Apparel

And of course, you can use branded apparel to turn your employees and customers into walking billboards for your brand. This can be done by having clothing made, like T-shirts, with your brand’s logo on it. Have your employees wear these pieces on certain days. You should also give incentives to your customers for wearing this apparel, such as offering them discounts for their next purchase with proof of them wearing the item.

These steps will get your brand on its way to astounding growth and success. Your brand will definitely sustain and continue to grow through consistent planning and effective strategy implementation.
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