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7 Key Pointers To Facebook AD Objectives in 2018

OK, ok, ok, great your ready to run some facebook / Instagram ads But there is one issue you are facing. How do I pick the correct Objective? Well in this article I break down one of the first steps to creating a Facebook /Instagram ad. Below is my 7 key pointers to facebook ad Objectives in 2018.7 Key Pointers To Facebook AD Objectives in 2018

Firstly-lets start with the 7 facebook /Instagram objectives.

  • Brand awareness
  • Reach
  • Traffic (for clicks to your website or to the app store for your app)
  • App installs
  • Engagement (for post engagement only)
  • Video views
  • Conversions (for conversions on your website or app)

So what does this all mean. Well depending on your campaign and the goals of your Instagram / facebook ads, you will need to pick one from the above. One main pointer when building out ads, is to be specific, truth full, and tell the viewer what they will get if they follow the links / instructions in your ad.

What Are The 7  Key pointers to facebook ad Objectives  in 2018 ( What They Mean To Me )

  • Brand awareness / Reach – This allows for you to grow your profile pages and posts. I am a big fan of this Objective. But there is no immediate return on investment. If you grow your following correctly, then you will be able to promote your products free to your followers do to the earlier work you have done with your brand awareness postings. This is the power of brand awareness


  • Quick Tips
  • Great For new Posts
  • Great option for testing ad copy
  • Great way to build out a new page


  • Traffic – Link clicks, this objective all comes down to clicks on your ad copy link. This objective is perfect if you are trying to build out a email list, and if you are trying to more views to a specific website.


  • App-Installs – this is regarding mobile and cell phone use. Use this objective if you have a service where the user / customers need to install a specific app or software.


  • Engagement – For posts only. You see facebook / Instagram loves it when users on their platforms engage with posts. And facebook . Instagram will reward you in regards. The goal is to get people talking and staying on their platforms. When this is done correctly, you see a huge boost in your sales, and page growth.


  • Video Views – Like the above brand awareness objective the goal is to get views. Now typically you will have added some call to actions to your video, and in the comment sections you leave your link. Key Tip (Facebook loves videos – the clicks are typically cheaper than the other adds are. Cost per click)


  • Conversions – you will want to run this add when you are looking for conversions on your website. This ad objective is great when you are trying to sell physical products like jewelry / coffee mugs.

BIG Picture Keys For running Ads In Facebook / InstaGram during 2018


  • Before doing anything think about your goals, customers, and budget
  • Not every campaign will be successful and have the same marketing goals
  • Use Pixels so you can retarget people who interacted with your ad campaign
  • Test, test , and test some more
  • Don’t lie, but rather be specific on your offers
  • use keywords with in your title, adcopy and ad content, that relates to your sales pages and offers.
  • Think value over sales
  • Have fun with it
  • Don’t run your ads to massive amounts people. Try to target smaller more specified people. ( Use facebook ad managers dashboard to find your right audience )


Final Thoughts 7 key pointers to facebook ad Objectives  in 2018

All right we made  it to the end of this article. Hopefully you are more knowledge  about choosing the accurate objective for your facebook ads and Instagram marketing tasks. I hope you take the above info and use it with your marketing campaigns. I also want to give you and show you  a Funnel that’s making $17,947 Perday. Follow this link  For Your  FREE INFO & Funnel scripts


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