7 Reasons To Use Doodly For White Board videos.

  • Doodly As A Video  Business Production 
  • Founders – Brad Callen & Jimmy Kim
  • Name – Doodly
  • Price – $20-$40 ( starter packages )
  • Recommended – 90 out of 100 ( Highly recommended)

IN the past I have used  many different video creation software, and doodly is by far my favorite. The creators of doodly have really tried to make a great product that is not only user friendly but the final videos look professional, clean, and look amazing. More importantly I get great feed back after posting these high quality white board videos on social media sites like youtube and instagram.  IN the world of internet marketing as of 2018 video marketing is a must have to build buzz and brand recognition, With doodly you can make this happen with your brand. Below is 7 reasons to use doodly for white board video creation, and this is my review of this great video creation software we call Doodly.

The Who, What, & Why Of Doodly

Doodly is what is known as a White Board video creation software. But what does this mean. Today white board animation videos have many names like sketch videos ,doodle videos, Scribing and my favorite explainer videos. Originally they where called whiteboard animation videos that served a purpose like teaching or selling, This is also known as stop action videos very similar to cartoons.

The reason people use these style videos over other forms of media is one simple fact “engagement” these videos go virial on social media, people absolutely love theses styled videos. In fact many top brands are implementing white board animation videos in their marketing plans, because study’s have shown that white board videos have a higher engagement , and more retention then other forms of videos.  The best part of whiteboard videos is the simple fact of simplicity of creation, once you under stand how these videos work, they are very easy to create.  

7 Reasons To Use Doodly For White Board videos.

  • Highly engaging videos That stand out.
  • Simple to create
  • Build Buzz & brand recognition
  • Product reviews & How To videos
  • A ton of features & support
  • Professional
  • White, glass & chalk board video styles

Video Marketing Quick Business Facts

  • One Minoute video is worth 1.8 million words
  • Roughly 80% of people watch online videos every week with 55% viewing daily
  • Youtube is the second most trafficked site after google (according to Alexa)
  • Viewers retain information better after watching videos then when reading texts
  • 45% of people on social media watch more then a hour a week on youtube and facebook
  • Almost 100 million hours of video are watched each day on facebook

Top Features Of Doodly

  • Friendly user interface none techies are welcome
  • Push Button drag and drop
  • Everything you need to create killer viral videos
  • Done for you images
  • White Board & Black Board videos
  • Unlimited number of videos you can create save and download
  • For pc & Mac

How Your Business Will benefit from doodly

  • More social attention
  • Better branding & business recognition
  • Potential of going virial
  • Create excellent how to instructional videos for your customers
  • Build videos and sell them for clients and other businesses
  • Create multipole variations of your content – IE take a blog post and turn it into a how to video, take that how to video and shorten it for social media, and take clips of that and use it for video advertisement.

Breaking down Doodly a quick how to guide

  • Step 1- download the software and create your account.
  • Step 2- create name of video
  • Step 3 – up Load Content
  • Step 4 – upload photos
  • Step 5 – promote your videos

Why I Use Doodly & Final Thoughts On 7 Reasons To Use Doodly For White Board videos.

My friends creating videos in doodly is crazy easy. I mean its so simple, but there is a  slight learning curve if you are new to creating content or you do not know how to transform written word into killer  virial short white board videos. Don’t worry if you are stuck Doodly has a ton of free training material. And to be honest it just takes a little testing and practice. My best advice would be to just start creating videos with doodly, believe me  it will only take a few times before you get the hang of it because doodly is just that easy to use.

Currently I have ben using doodly for about two months, and honestly, I wish I found the software sooner. I am  able to turn blog posts Like this one Into Killer whiteboard videos for my you tube channel, and social media accounts. I can also create how to short videos for my readers and turn that content into shorter clips for social media. I also use doodly to create short AD videos for advertising. You see its about creating multipole forms of content, because some readers like to read and learn better by reading while others will like a short keynote style video.


 video is Hot right now Its all the craze. Video is one of the best ways to grab attention of new customers and have the possibility of going virial. I have gotten more readers and followers ever sense I have started using doodly as my whiteboard creating software.


7 Reasons To Use Doodly For White Board videos.

  • Highly engaging videos That stand out.
  • Simple to create
  • Build Buzz & brand recognition
  • Product reviews & How To videos
  • A ton of features & support
  • Professional
  • White, glass & chalk board video styles

Thanks for reading this article I hope this information helped you learn a thing or two about doodly, and give some insider insights from a internet marketing freelancer and how I use the software. Leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts.


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