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( Disclaimer – I am just documenting this case I will give my final thoughts on the Tate brothers after the court cases are finalized how ever I do feel that they are being un fairly being detained longer than needed without having charges)

Influencer Andrew Tate’s Custody Extended For Third Time In Romanian Detention ( Up Date Blog Post Snippet)

Controversial influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan will remain in custody in Romania until at least the end of March after their detention was extended for a third time. The pair were arrested in December on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and forming an organised crime group. They have denied any wrongdoing.

Georgiana Naghel and Luana Radu, two Romanian women being held with the brothers, will be released from custody and instead kept under house arrest. Prosecutors applied for the latest extension earlier this week, with judges justifying the previous extension by citing the capacity of “the defendants to exercise permanent psychological control over the victims”.

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Andrew Tate, The infamous Top G Social Media Mongol & celebrity, has bolstered his legal team with the addition of renowned lawyer Tina Glandian. With high-profile clients ranging from Chris Brown to Kesha on her resume, she made an appearance in a Romanian court Wednesday at Tates side as he sought to overturn preventative custody detention imposed last month until the end of February. However unfortunately for him and despite all efforts put forth by Lawyer Glandian who is considered one of Romania’s most accomplished lawyers -the appeal was ultimately rejected.

Tate and his cohorts have been stuck in detainment/ Jail for the last month, facing possible charges of human trafficking, rape and running an organized crime group. Renewed appeals to release them were rejected by authorities which spurred Tate’s lawyer Glandian to speak out against what she believes is a blatant violation of international law on top mysterious outside influences that remain unknown.

With a wealth of experience in criminal and civil cases, Glandian brings invaluable expertise to Tate’s legal team. Yet despite her impressive background – which includes being a partner at famed law firm Geragos & Geragos — she lamented that the system has so far proven unsuccessful.

Criminal Lawyer Reacts to Andrew Tate’s New Lawyer on Piers Morgan

Attorney Alex Glandian has a history of representing high-profile clients. Her background ranges from Jussie Smollett’s now infamous hate hoax trial to helping MMA fighter Cain Velasquez secure bail in relation to an attempted murder charge that was filed against him last November. In addition, her impressive client roster boasts the likes of Chris Brown and Mike Tyson as well as having been part of Kesha’s legal team during her lengthy battle with Dr Luke – proving she is certainly capable when it comes to complex cases!

I am not for or against the Tate Brothers, and i do believe the extra time in jail without be charged with a crime seems to me be extremity un fair and un just. however stay up to date and follow my blog as i discuss my thoughts on the highly dynamic Tate Brothers.

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