Basic Net Neutrality Info & Why It Matters

Firstly, I want you all to know that the Net Neutrality issue, can be a long journey with all sorts of facts with people on both sides of the chain. My goal with thisBasic Net Neutrality Info & Why It Matters post is to inform fellow entrepreneurs on the basics and inform you what my thoughts are on this subject. I am by no means trying to push my beliefs on you and get you to vote in one way or the other. However, this law can and will affect many internet marketers, and could in fact put many entrepreneurs out of business.

The net Neutrality law is in its core bones break down is a principle in which big companies like, verizion, AT&T , and  Comcast are prohibited  from slowing down / speeding up / blocking any content, websites, applications, and internet speeds of any kind. Net neutrality is in place to keep all things even on the internet, and it is the way we have always used the internet.

In my mind, we need to keep the internet free & open, that way we can still communicate, entertain, and build business, VIA the internet. You see back in 2015 a lot of people showed their views on Net Neutrality, and  won the case against congress and had the federal communications commission hold true the basic laws of net neutrality. Free and equal internet.

Looking at the Basics of Net Neutrality  

  • ISP speeds and equality for all end points and internet consumption
  • Big ISP corporations want to flip the net neutrality rule so they can control all the speeds
  • This law has huge impact on startups and business.
  • ISPs are the gate way to the internet, they are the glue that holds the internet
  • Net neutrality means that the ISPs providers need to treat all data the same

Basic Terms related for Net Neutrality

  • Over Provisioning – Bandwidth consumption & management
  • Traffic Shaping – controlling computer networks
  • End to End Principle – started in 1981 it’s the basis for a computer network that communicates to each other.
  • Dumb Pipe – a network in which the users do not need to manage it, self-sufficient.
  • Open Internet – similar to Net Neutrality but needs to pay extra to access internet speed and or websites a possibility.

IN conclusion we need to be paying attention to this law, because it may change the way we do business and everything we used to know about the internet.


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