Battle of the PPC Worlds – Google Ads VS Bing / Yahoo PPC advertising

 Battle of the PPC Worlds – Google Adds VS Bing / Yahoo PPC advertising

OH the good old  PPC advertising platforms. Almost all marketers have experience using one of these platforms, or both at the same time. Like all things in the world there are pros and cons , and the above PPC advertising plat forms are no different. In this article I discuss the differences between the two platforms ( Google AdWords – bing / yahoo ppc advertising )  so that you have a better understanding of the two ,and I share with you some of my top thoughts, and tips on creating high quality – highly targeted adds, that will help drive better leads  to your business.


Battle of the PPC Worlds – Google Adds VS Bing / Yahoo PPC advertising

Google adds

First up is the google ad network. Google does not need no introduction they clearly are the power house for search engines rankings, and hold the keys to the Google adds VS Bing Adds world of PPC. Google PPCs network is known as google AdWords, and it kicked off in October 2000. Below are some cool facts

  • AdWords Generates roughly 95 % of all  googles profits
  • Close to 50 percent of google search users do not know the difference between paid from organic search results.
  • Amazon is the largest google AdWords advertiser
  • When google AdWords launched they had 350 advertisers, today there are 1.2 million and counting
  • In 2016 Google took down close to 2 billion really bad adds



 Why Use Googles PPC advertising – The Pros

  • Reach a massive amount of potential buyers / clients
  • Prominent high level analytics and tracking
  • Easy interface and very user friendly
  • Eligibility to use Google keyword tool (once you set up an AdWords account)
  • Great mobile results (meaning adds show up when people do google searches on mobile phones)
  • Highly effective if monetized correctly
  • Create multipole add campaigns – and compare results to see the best performers

Google Advertising Cons

  • Can be very pricey for each click depending on industry / products
  • Extremely competitive.
  • Your campaigns can be out bid, and keyword prices can rise very quickly.
  • Day to day changes make it very hard to stay ahead of the Bidding war
  • Pay for clicks, if the click does not convert you still have to pay for it.


Bing  / Yahoo Search  PPC Advertising


Ok so what’s the scoop on Bing search and Yahoo PPC advertising? Well I break it all down for you in this Article . Formyl known as Overture then as MSN Search,  Microsoft took over the add network in 2006 and by September 2012 Microsoft add center  changed it name to Bing Adds .Bing adds are excellent and offer many different features that I am about to break down for you.


 Bing Add Facts


  • 30% of all search engines share with Bing and over 6 billion searches a monthbing adds vs google adds
  • You can import your google AdWords campaign into Bing add campaign
  • Yes People Search on Bing Lots Of People it is true


Why advertise on Bing The Pros


  • Bing has more Control and Transparency for your PPC advertising Data
  • Bing is constantly updating and improving products and new features for your Add Campaigns
  • Transitioning to bing from google AdWords / or use both at same time is easy
  • Some industries like Auto ,education and, telecom is stronger with Bing Adds
  • Cost Per click or CPC is lower with bing
  • Low competition for key word terms in most situations then google AdWords.


Cons of using Bing Adds


  • Not as high volume of web traffic compared to google Also known as click thru rate.
  • Lack of add extensions IE – app, call, location and or call out extensions
  • Can be slight tricky to manage multipole campaigns VIA labels


Final thoughts

My friends google and Bing adds are extremely similar, when compared to other add platforms. Also once you figure out one platform than you will not have a problem with the other. Guys the trick to a successful PPC campaign is to have high relevance or match your content with your adds, and keywords. Make sure everything matches up, and has a smooth easy to read / understand method. Also make sure your adds have purpose and a meaning to them, remember PPC campaigns can be a great way to make money but they need to have a purpose, don’t just throw together adds for the sake of throwing adds together.  My verdict would be to think about your business and marketing budget, and test on one platform first, then move to the next.

thanks for reading, and please leave me a comment below and tell me what you think of this article, I love to talk to people in regards to all things internet marketing.

Shane –


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