Better ways to Rank Your WebSite In 2018

The New Year is approaching us very fast. And before we know it, we Better ways to Rank Your WebSite In 2018 will be looking back at 2018. SO what does this mean for your rankings? Well plain and simple an opportunity to grow and get those rankings you deserve in 2018. So let’s start now and get ahead of the pact. Below I will discuss better ways to Rank Your Website in 2018.

Did You Know – Some cool Website Ranking Stats

  • 92% of all searches start in a search engine like google and Bing
  • Almost 80% of all users do not even scroll past thru the second page in google
  • roughly 70% of all users completely ignore the paid search advertising.

Breaking down Better ways to rank Your websites in 2018

The competition to the top of the search engines are very very hard. In almost all niches. But don’t let this stop you on the climb to the top. You will just need, to have more patience , and put more work, money, and energy into your SEO campaigns.  Below I break down some high level SEO marketing techniques.

Use Analysis –

Firstly we need to start by studying our Competition. Mainly our top three to five sellers, and move shakers. we want to be focusing on the business who are running successful campaigns. The two questions you need to ask your self is. What & how they are doing it and how can I learn form the success of others. A great tool to use for this is  BUZZSUMO .

BUZZSUMO Key features –

  • Find what content gets the most shares on a competition website
  • Free trial
  • Keyword placement
  • Identifying Back Link Opportunities


Social Media Marketing –

I know social media marketing is the Bait click for 2017, but to be honest with you, utilizing social media marketing is going to be the key to your success in 2018. You see undermining social media in 2018 will hurt your business. You se all the major search engines utilize data from social media to help decide who should rank higher or lower. The search engines take a factor in all information related to your site, so the more people who share and interact with your business the better. Below are a few key factors for social media marketing.

  • Be very active on your profiles IE – update, postings, and sharing’s
  • Keep your profiles up date with accurate business information
  • The amount of shares and likes is key for SEO rankings
  • Social media is for branding / not for sales.
  • Think short posts / and give valu info to your followers
  • Social media marketing is a lot of work, and is always in flux



ON Page SEO –

What is on Page SEO? Well its simply how your website is formed, the imagery, layout, links, and how optimized your website is. SEO starts with the on page optimization, you need to have your on page elements optimized correctly it all starts with this.

Keys to on Page SEO Optimization –

  • Keyword researching – tools and data research
  • Proper Keyword placements – use keyword 3 to 5 times throughout your article and website
  • Use LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing ) Key words that are similar to your main keywords.
  • Use Keywords in your meta descriptions ( Photos)
  • Back Linking – Use keywords to back link to other content on your website.
  • Submit your sitemap to the search engines.


Conclusion on Better ways to Rank Your WebSite In 2018

OK great now your ready to get your website ranked in 2018. The above subjects can be very helpful for you when it comes to marketing on line, and getting your site ranked. Getting to the top of the search engines is a tenacious process, and it takes a lot of work. We need focus on  as business owners and internet marketers, take our time, and truly put an effort in providing value for our readers. If we think about providing value first and keep an eye on our on page optimization techniques, our business will grow and gain more profits. Good luck and leave me a comment below with your thoughts of the future of SEO and page rankings in 2018.

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