Blogging – What Is It & Why You Need One!

What is Blogging / Blogs

a blog is really a regularly updated website or e commerce business, typically one operated by a person
or select few, that’s designed in a casual or conversational style. Blogs are great ways to market your products, ideas, or share your passions to the world and people who need the skills you have.

Its amazing how far blogs have come and grown. Roughly 15 – 20 years ago, blogs did not exist, and today some experts estimate that there are more than 100 million. Even though blogging has become popular in a major way, lots of people don’t get exactly how blogging works, and why it is extremely beneficial for not just major business, but anyone who wants to sell a product or service. So, lets discuss and talk about Blogs, and Blogging and pin point some key factors.


3 Questions you need to ask yourself before you start your Blog

  • Do you have a passion? Blogging is tough, it takes Passion and grit to write for a blog, so you better make sure you love the information you are publishing on your blog.
  • Am I an entrepreneur, business owner, or have a skill I want to share with the world? The great thing about blogs, is that anyone can own one, and if you want to make money, than owning a blog is a must have.
  • Needs more clients for your business? Blogs are excellent ways for generating new clients for your business, and engage and inform your current customers on upcoming events, products and news.


3 positives on owning a Blog

  • Build Brand awareness
  • Generate multipole streams of income with proper monetization
  • Great tool for SEO purposes

3 Struggles that blog owners face

  • Growing readers, and audience size
  • Finding and having the proper time for writing / researching
  • How to start / where to start

4 great ways that Blogs enhance your online business and websites

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is  on the top of my list when it comes to enhancing your on line business. You see the online world is currently and actively changing in a very fast passed, that’s why in todays on line market place you need a blog. Blogs are great tools that will enable you to update and add content (webpages ) at a very fast rate. In fact, Google, Bing, yahoo and other search engines favor blog posts because of their updated and often fresh content.

  • Free And or Cheap to start and manage

Blogger, Word press, Typepad are among the many that are considered Blogging platforms, and these Online platforms allow People to blog on line. You can latterly start a blog for fraction of the cost compared to many other website building platforms. Create a name, Post some content, and wall-ah your blog is up and running.

  • Brand awareness

Most online marketing professionals say that Companies that create and up load on line content ( blog posts) 20 times or more per month benefit with almost  Seven  times Online traffic, as opposed to those who blog less than five times a month.


  • Customer interaction

Blogs are great tools that will enable the content creator many options where he /she can interact with the customers and readers. Weather it’s thru email campaigns, Online surveys, or  replaying to readers’ comments, Blogs are the easiest way to communicate with your potential, clients, customers, and or readers.


Final thoughts

Blogs are excellent ways to enhance your website, and or build brand awareness, sell products, inform and update clients /readers. It is my opinion that managing a blog is a must have for any business and entrepreneur. Obviously there is  more to this whole Blogging thing, but I will break that down at a later time. The point of this Blog post is to scratch the surface, and get you thinking about blogging.


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Thanks – Shane


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