Breaking Down Click Funnels 5 Main Pointers

Click funnels Is the main subject on the docket today. I will be breaking down click funnels and talking about what I think is the 5 main pointers on why you should be using click funnels. If you are un – familiar with click funnels VIST HERE and see my full break down of this life changing  lead funnel software. My first thought at click funnels is this, you absolutely need this software, or some type of lead generation / capturing system. And click funnels is the best at it, and below I break down why.

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The 5 Main Pointers / Concepts Of Click Funnels

    1. Easy 1-2-3 lead capturing funnel system


  1. Follow Up email series
  2. Scripts / templates / Formats
  3. Split testing options
  4. Lead tracking & analytics
  5. Bonus – Tech support
  6. Bonus #2 – Very easy to use and set up

Easy 1-2-3 lead capturing funnel system

When you set up and create a click funnels account you will notice a funnel system that click funnels founder Russell Brunson calls the cook book templates. This  Pretty much means that this is a follow up lead funnel system. It works like this.

  1. Opt-in page
  2. A second content page
  3. A third content page
  4. And thank you Page

Now every “cookbook Sales funnel” is not created equal, you have the option to add more content pages, or take away pages. Ones it set up and you  bring traffic to your first opt-in page the subscriber will be automatically taking to the next series or content page with in your 1-2-3 lead capturing funnel.


Follow Up Email Series

The point of lead capturing & sales funnels is to give your customers more quality content, and the best way to do this is with follow up email series & high value content VIA email. SO why click funnels? Because with in click funnels you have many Many options to connect most email auto responders. And if you don’t have one, don’t worry click funnels have options for that as well.


 Scripts / Templates / Formats

This is where the magic of having a click funnels account really comes in handy. Click funnels will give you many options for email scripts, now you cant just copy & past these scripts, but you can take them and re arrange them to suit your product and services needs, and load them into your email autoresponder.

Templates-  with in click funnels you will notice a world of landing page templates that you can edit for your needs.

formats – click funnels has a lead capture series for almost any niche that you can just take and use for your business.

 Split testing In click funnels after you create a lead funnel, they give you an option to split test the lead pages, and create a second lead funnel to see which one converts more. This option is great when launching a new product or service, and you are un-sorting on who, what, and how your new campaign will run.

Lead tracking & analytics

Within Click funnels you will notice all sorts of reporting and analytics. Once your funnel is set up and configured you can view the reports. You can see email address that have subscribed, you can find the Click thru rate, how many visitors you have, how many sign ups you are getting. This reporting combined with say google analytics is key to knowing how and why to grow your business.

Bonus – Tech support

Russell Brunson put together a great team of techs to help assist the click funnels customers. The techs answer and will assist you very quickly, like within a few hours, and if for some reason they will not be able to respond to your issue fast, they will send you an email notifying you when someone be available to assist you. But its very fast and they fix and or point you in the right direction to fixing your issue. Very quickly and professionally.

Cool features of Click funnels

  • Drag & Drop webpage editor with free & Paid templates
  • Tech Support
  • 3rd Party integrations
  • Many styles of opt-in pages -Click pop -links in articles for quick email submissions
  • Excellent tech support
  • The best affiliate program – for affiliate internet marketers
  • Very easy to use
  • A ton of free webinar training on how to use click funnels / and over all internet marketing


Thanks for fully reading my Break Down of Click Funnels & its 5 Main Pointers, I hope this blogpost shed some light on why you should be using click funnels and some of the different features with in the click funnels dashboard and software platform. I want to thank you for reading this blog post,  so below I am sharing with you some free click funnel packages and rewards, so please follow the links below. Thank you.

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