Breaking Down Google Webmaster Console Algorithm Update For July 2018

All right its that time of year again, and yes typically the summer months are very busy for google algorithm up dates, but this year google made some very key changes to their webmaster’s console suite of tools . In this article I will be breaking down Googles Webmaster console algorithm update for July 2018.

SO what are the major changes or updates google made to there webmaster console feature? Firstly I want to make it very clear that google is making a huge effort to fighting search spam, and launching a new indexing API for job postings, along side google maps updates. Google is trying very hard to clear out the crap, and only rank websites that are legit, and providing great content. Google is in business for their users not their webmasters. SO as webmasters we need to keep providing high quality content over and over again in highly efficient consistent way. Put your readers first and the search engine rankings will come.

The latest Updates for google Webmaster tools

  • Search Analytics API for almost 16 months of Data
  • New URL Inspector Tool
  • Update PageSpeed Tool
  • Update for google Web Light Results

Search Analytics API – the what, who & Why

Search Analytics API – the what, who & Why

I use this google webmaster tool feature to see how my website appears in the SERPS. Whether or not you’re on a cell phone or desktop computer, we can use this tool and determine how our website appears in google. You can track.

  • How website traffic changes over time
  • What search queries will prompt your website to show in the google rankings
  • Targeting on which device the user is using to find your website IE – smart phone, tablet, desktop
  • Analyzing click thru rate and bounce rate

Now here’s the thing, I don’t use this webmaster feature monthly, I check it  once every 2 – 3 months, because you need to have some sort of traffic to your website or be running a specific campaign for a few weeks , this feature is all about analyzing past results, so if you are launching a new website it may take close to a year before this tool could benefit you.

New URL Inspector Tool – What IS IT

This URL Tool gives the webmaster great information on the google rankings of a specific website page, and relates to specific indexing errors, data errors, and AMP errors. Some notes on using this google webmaster tool feature is as follows.


  • Enter full URL in the webmaster search bar
  • Test for AMP VS Non-AMP URLs ( accelerated Mobile Pages )
  • Check Alternate Page Versions

Google page speed tool

Long story short the upload speed of your website has a huge factor in your ranking we need to be checking your website upload speed regularly, I like to test it monthly, or when I upload a lot of new articles to my site. Some key factors of upload speed are as follows.

  • Photos & Photo Size
  • Video & video file size
  • Fancy GIFFS
  • Very long articles

Keep those above tid-bits in mind when creating your content, if you are uploading to many photos then it may slow down your upload time, and then your site  may not be able to rank high in the search engines. If you are un sure then you will need to test specific articles and pages on your site, then adjust your content based on the speed results. This is a very important step when analyzing for better search rankings.

Google Web Light Web Master Tool Feature

This tool helps us webmasters figure out how our website effects users on slower internet speeds. This is a browser by browser user by user base. This is when terms like 2G internet speeds come into effect. And is mainly focused on mobile search. This feature is not a deal breaker, but its something we need to visit from time to time.

Breaking Down Google Webmaster Console Algorithm Update For July 2018 – Final Thoughts

Ok super busy busy month for google with many cool webmaster console updates. Now some of these tools will not benefit you, it all depends on the life / stage of your website. U see do to spam google likes for your website to have various content that is posted consistently, it is what google calls the trust factor, and it can take up to 6 months before google will trust you and start indexing you. Then it can take  another 4 to 6 months after indexing to get first page rankings depending on competition and your skills at providing value in your content.

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