ClickFunnels 5th Year Birthday Celebration & Announcement Review (2020)
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ClickFunnels 5th Year Birthday Celebration & Announcement Review (2020)

Yesterday at  ClickFunnels 5th year birthday celebration, Russell mentioned some major changes to Clickfunnels. The biggest takes away is that Russell is refocusing clickfunnels. At the clickfunnels party Russell mentioned that he made a few mistakes a few years ago. Long story short, Russell launched Actionetics MD a few years ago and the problem was that he stopped focusing on his main product which was funnel building.

 You see he tried to be the king in different industries in stead of being the best funnel building program on earth (which it is) Click funnels was dipping their toes in email automation, chatbots, marketing automation, and even social media marketing management. And the problem was the clickfunnels team was stretched to thin. So Russell wants to refocus and make the clickfunnels building tool the best its ever been.

CLickFunnels  UP Date – 2020

The main changes are with the Actionetics MD clickfunnels feature  and with A new service called CLickfunnels Platinum. IN short Actiontec’s if you are currently a existing user these features will be under Sunsetted, which means the features will not be accessible  for new users, and the clickfunnels Actionetics software will not be put in maintenance mode, which means no updates and bug fixes.

Sorry friends, but Actionetics is going away. How ever the good news is that clickfunnels is adding Clickfunnels Platinum. What Is ClickFunnels Platinum? Well ClickFunnels is rebuilding and polishing up its Etison Suite plan which is priced at $297.00 ( Monthly )The Etison Suite Plan will now be called ClickFunnels Platinum.

The 3 new Clickfunnels Platinum  features – Along with the old Etison Suite features

  • Daily Virtual Hackathons
  • Funnel Fix
  • The Funnel Hacker Forum

I will be breaking down the above three features at a later time. The goal with this short clickfunnels article is to break down what changes are coming to clickfunnels, and to inform you of future clickfunnels features. So I will leave with this. Happy birthday   Clickfunnels.

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