Clickfunnels What Is It & How to Use It In 2018

All right my fellow internet marketers. In this blog-post I will be breaking down clickfunnels what is it & how to use it in 2018. Oh yes it is currently 2018 and the online internet marketing world has seen many changes and adaptions to marketing trends ,news, and techniques. That is why following web sights like this one ( is essential to staying on top of the marketing world and growing any business. Now let me get into my thoughts and breakdown this high quality software called click funnels. Enjoy !

The Must know Info For Clickfunnels

 Clickfunnels overview

  • Founded – 2014
  • Founder – Russell Brunson (online Marketing expert & self-founded start Up with click funnels)
  • Cost Points – Free trial – $97.00 ( Base Package) $297 ( actionnectics )

Key Features Of ClickFunnels

  • Sale funnel building -drag & drop software
  • Squeeze page creator
  • Landing page / Opt-In page builder / manager
  • Auto responder / follow up series
  • Tech support to help you answer any question you have
  • Free templates /scripts / and cut and past sale funnel templates
  • Affiliate Program
  • Internet marketing training
  • A/B Split testing
  • Email Integrations
  • Click pop ( Pop up opt -in page for your site )
  • ClickOptin
  • Membership funnels
  • Webinar funnels
  • Upsells (for your products)
  • Order pages
  • And much much more

 Click this link for full access to click funnels

OK all right, the basics of clickfunnels have ben shared, and now you have a base knowledge of the business marketing software. Now lets discuss how to use clickfunnels in 2018 .

Allright firstly, we need to think of the combination of services /products you are going to sell. The landing page you are you going to create, and the follow up email series you will  be presenting to your new subscribers. Once you have that figured out. Your next steps for using clickfunnels in 2018 would be to build out the landing page.

To build out a landing page in clickfunnels is extremely simple. In clickfunels they have a click and drop scenario where you can take your specific photos, text and videos and replace the clickfunnel template.  Below are the steps to creating a clickfunnel sales page / Opt-in page. The easy 6  steps is as follows.

  1. Create clickfunnels account (Create account here – free 14 day trial)
  2. Find and pick a sales template / funnel (within the click funnels marketplace)
  3. Build out, design and add your content
  4. Connect your email responded & follow up series
  5. Launch and activate funnel
  6. Market and bring high quality web traffic to your sales funnel

Clickfunnels as you can see, is very easy to set up. And if you do  run into issue along the way, the click funnels support staff is there to assist you. The clickfunnels support staff is amazing, the software is amazing. It is a must have for your business.

How To Get Traffic Flowing thru to your sales funnels.

Generating the right type of traffic to your sales funnel is key, but how do we get the proper traffic? Look at the below techniques (quick note – generating traffic is very hard and takes a lot of effort)

Social media Marketing

  • Create a business page
  • Interact in facebook groups
  • Link out to your sales funnels on your social media accounts

PPC (PayPer Click Advertising )

  • The best way to promote your sales funnels
  • Bing Ads
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media paid ads ( tweeter, facebook, Instagram)

SEO (Search engine optimization)

  • Backlinking techniques
  • Search engine submission / indexing
  • Google rankings

Internal sharing / linking

  • Link to your sales funnel with in your own blog
  • Internal backlinking techniques
  • Ask your blog readers to share and follow your click funnel page
  • Create a separate tab and attach your sales funnel to that website page tab


Forums / Comments

  • Do not spam
  • Find forums and answer the questions to the discussions
  • After you answer some questions leave a link back to your sales funnel
  • Start a question and answer thread leave links back to your sales funnel

My final thoughts to –  Clickfunnels What Is It & How to Use It In 2018

All right so now it’s time to test clickfunnels, and get your business making loads of cash utilizing click funnels. My business drastically changed once I implemented click funnels to my marketing campaign. The above information is meant to be a base over view of click funnels. I hope I leave you with a more understanding of the software and how to implement clickfunnels in 2018 and beyond.


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