Content Is King – My 3 Top Reasons Why

Content Content Content !!!!! Listen Content Is King and below is my 3 Top Reasons Why. I see nowadays all over the internet, where people of all shapes sizes and colors are trying to pitch and sell these MLMs, get rich quick, and or click here to make money style  programs.Content Is King

Now what I found out is the fact that most of these systems don’t work and depend on people buying in to the program in order to make profits. Rather than focusing on true marketing concepts and tested internet marketing money making systems and building brands and legit business, most people would rather take a short cut to riches.  The sad truth is this one Simple fact, making money is hard work, and it takes skills, know how, and determination to make it happen and be a successful entrepreneur.

What people need to understand is building a business that makes real money takes time, and consistency. The key to this is creating content on a regular basis and get your content in the face of buyers. SO now let me break down why content is king with my 3 top reasons.

Content Is King – My 3 Top Reasons Why

Content Is King My Reason # 1 – Generating Value For Your Customers

This Reason could be broken down into many different sub categories but I will try to keep this as simple as possible. The reason you want to generate quality content for your customers, is the simple fact that your fans, readers, and followers want your services and information. In many eyes when you are generating a massive amount of content it creates a sense of Value to your customers. Let your fans consume as much information you are providing as much as possible. Put your customers first and give them what they want, More Content!!


Content Is King My Reason #2 – SEO , Rankings, Proper Branding / Business positioning

Seo and google page rankings is a very intense topic with a ton of mi-nute theory’s and techniques, but in regard to why and how it relates to creating content is strait forward. It breaks down like this. Google and Bing love consistent content that is associated to the same domain name. What I mean is, that if you are a business owner in any industry , it would be very wise to start a blog and post quality content weekly, make informative videos and post them on you tube, and be very active on social media.

Now what you want to do is set links back and forth to your domain and other content. After time and consistent content creation the search engines will love you and you will start to see improved rankings. Many business owners do not think about long term, they just want immediate success, the reality of SEO is the simple fact that it takes time. SO start creating quality content for your readers and never stop building brand awareness, and high quality information for your readers.

Content IS King My Reason #3 – Becoming An Expert / Influencer

A Side effect of generating massive amounts of content is the fact you can become an expert and influencer in your specific industry, and boy when that starts happening get ready to collect the profits. If you can become a top level influencer, and if people start going to your business for advice and services you can really create your own  price , because your services are so high  in demand. Think about public speaking contracts, and TV deals. I mean once your business hits this level the possibilities are endless.

Other key Notes for Why Content Is King

  • Recognition
  • Social Influence
  • Book deals and documentaries = Higher profits
  • Being able to change the world and help others
  • Open doors to more opportunities
  • Create your own products and generate other sources of Income
  • Remember to always put your fans first and give them what their thirsty for

In conclusion to my Content Is King My 3 Top Reasons why  article, I want to first thank you for reading, but also, I want to emphasize the reason why we create content, and that is to give our fans knowledge and information. Business is about providing value and helping others. if we as business owners think of this first, then nothing will stop us from generating profits, and giving back to society.


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