CopyWriting – The break down

What Is CopyWriting?

Copywriting, is in many ways the most crucial aspect of any online business. Copywriting is a strategical method that many business owners use to engage potential clients and try to get people to take some form of action with in their websites.

In many cases Copywriters and SEO copywriters are some of the highest paid writers in the world. It can be extremely lucrative for individuals to  create a great source of income for people who get good at Copy Writing.

Why Companies Need Great CopyWriters? Top 4 Reasons

Reason 1 – companies will not be able to sell anything ANYTHING, On line without excellent copy writers. If you have a business weather it is in regards to selling a service or product, then you will need content to get your message out to the masses.

Reason 2 – SEO purposes, have you ever done a search in google, or Bing and try and shop for a sorting service or product? If yes than you will find a list of the product / websites you are looking for, that list would not be accessible if SEO techniques and proper copywriting methods where not followed accurately.

Reason 3 – generating Adds, companies need adds to advertise their services.

Reason 4 –  the digital age has trans-formed the marketing Industry. With Facebook, twitter, linked in, and other forms of social media, the age of the copy writer has emerged, and took over. You see everyone is on line reading and searching, pretty soon will be gone the days of fancy TV commercials, and silly billboard adds.

Other terms for CopyWriters

  • Sales copy
  • Columnist
  • Reviewer
  • Ad writer
  • Creative Writer



CopyWriters, and copywriting takes on many forms, which is why it can make for some excellent potential for high income in a variety of different industries. Let’s break down different ways you could make money from copywriting.


Freelance copy writing – with this awesome new world of internet marketing, and digital media, there is a huge need for copywriters. With websites like Upwork, Toptal, Elance, and  Freelancer, it gives business owners and copywriters a chance to  connect, and do business together.

Blogging / website writing – blog writing and website content creation is in high demand right now, and web masters will pay high to individuals who are great at copywriting

Self-Publishing Books / E-books – Thanks to Kindle / amazon Publishing it has now become extremely easy to publish your own book, and make huge profits selling digital copy’s of your book.

Listicle creation – Listicles are  top ten Lists,  the lists can really  be about anything, top ten Hollywood super heroes, top ten funniest moments in the 80s, sites like Listverse, and TopTenz, will pay copywriters to create creative top ten lists.

Fan Fiction Writing – writing your opinions for television shows, and movies can be a slightly lucrative business. Although this option is very hard to link up with paying business, it does exist and companies do pay for this style of writing.


Key Points to A Successful Copywriters articles and campaigns

  • Research
  • Streamlined Headlines
  • Show your personality
  • Simplify your content
  • Give your readers what they want
  • Understanding your readers point of few
  • Use proper Lingo and correct terminology
  • Have fun and stay focused


I  wanted to break down some key factors, in regards to copywriting, to give you a more bigger understanding of different ways people make money VIA the internet.

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Good luck


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