Craigslist marketing – My Quick Tips

Craigslist marketing – My Quick Tips

Craig’s list is a free Classified Advertisement platform where people can post adds for different services such as jobs, housing, products for sale, services for Marketing On CraigsList sale, and various gigs. They also offer discussion forums. Craig’s list can be a great recourse for freelancer who want to market and reach more clients.

Craig’s list in a nut shell

  • Founder – Craig Newmark
  • Launched – in 1995 as a email distribution service and by 2000 Craig started adding classified add groups
  • Searches – roughly 50 billion page views per month
  • Services – jobs, housing, goods, services, romance, local activities, advice, just about anything
  • How many add sites – roughly 700 local websites in 70 countries
  • Craigslist make money thru paid job postings by companies – even though not all job postings cost money.
  • Started for the san Francisco community
  • Craig Newmark, was a computer programmer be for launching Craig’s list.


Craigslist is one very special company that was built on an idea in the early days of the internet. Craigs list helps many people find things they need and or want. Now that we have a brief basic understanding of Craig’s list, I want to now discuss my Quit tips for marketing on Craig’s List.

CraigsList Marketing Tips

  • Learn CraigsList regulations – Please see and read, understand Craig’s list regulations before you post. It will be best advised if you are a new-Be to fully read the craigslist term of use page.
  • Use KeyWords For Titles – Similar to a blog post, you want to make sure your add is relevant to your targeted market. But do Not Keyword stuff your add. Be creative with your title, play around with the title a few times before submitting your add postings. (The Title is the first thing your potential client will see)
  • Strait to the point – My most successfully marketing postings on Craigs list was the ones where I got strait to the point, and displayed my skills, and give great short details on the products and services I was offering. My friends think bullet points, and short sentences.
  • Pictures – CraigsList loves pictures, try to make sure your pictures are clear and professional, they do not have to be perfect, but keep in mind you are trying to sell something so keep your pictures clean, clear, and crisp. I like to add three or four pictures showing different angles, and add your company logos as well.
  • Postings – posting on craigs list takes a little practice. There is no real great formula to be successful on this platform. When I have success on craigs list it was when I posted three times a day, early morning, late after noon , and early evening. I would change the add around so that I do not get punished for duplicate adds ( craigslist frowns upon this and will not list your add)   and I had patience, and would post regularly. After a few days your adds will be listed, and your adds with different variants will pop up all over the place in craigslist listings.
  • Responding to emails – Always respond to all emails, but be ready to negotiate prices, and be very wary of people there are a lot of scam / con artist on craigslist. But I have sold many different products on craigslist and it can be great resource to meet potential clients. But be very careful, and always meet people in public places, and tell a friend who and where your going to meet someone.


Final Thoughts For Marketing On CraigsList

Marketing on craigslist is a excellent resource to market your services and products. My favorite thing about craigslist, is the fact that you can test try, and improve on your add copy writing skills, and learn how to handle different sales request from potential clients. I would advise not to get frustrated with craigslist, and use craigslist as a testing place, and a potential place to sell some goods.

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I hope this article helps you better understand how to market on craigslist, please leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts.

Thanks – Shane

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