The 5 Day Lead Challenge

Day 4 Of the 5 day Lead Challenge Clickfunnels Review 2021

On day four of the 5 day lead challenge is all about engagement and email marketing. Russell talks about the hows and why email marketing is extremely important. Russell from clickfunnels expertly breaks down in details the core concepts of a great email marketing campaign. 

Day 4: Creating Your Followup Funnel

  • How to engage and keep your leads
  • How to write a compelling email sequence
  • How to build rapport and a relationship so they BUY

Just like in  the other days  of the 5 Day Lead Challenge Russell shares his thoughts with in a 30 to 40 min video where he breaks down email marketing. the email marketing process is quite strait forward and to be honest there’s not much to talk about here. so to learn more about the 5 day lead challenge  visit the below link to learn more.

Start Your 5 Day Lead Challenge Now !  

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Leads are the life line of your business, and in this 5 day lead challenge Russell From Clickfunnels lays out all the steps & techniques that are needed for success. You see getting quality leads is a must for all business and this training – the five day lead challenge  Russell From Clickfunnels expertly breaks down everything you need to know. Im talking from creating a leadmagnet, designing your capture page and thank you page, generating the content for the clickfunnels capture  pages and follow up emails collecting the leads, and even driving traffic to your capture page. Also Russell Brunson gives us access to , two brand new marketing tools, that simplifys the content creation & Lead magnet build out process. 

Here’s what’s SO cool about  the 5 day lead challenge…

🗸 No matter what business you’re in…

🗸 No matter what product or service you sell…

🗸 No matter if you’re online or have a brick & mortar store…

🗸 No matter if you do network marketing or sell ecomm or whatever… 

this training will give you the nessacery skills to grow really any online business and brand.  Start Your Five Day Lead Challenge Now

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