Departments You Need for Your Business to Function

Businesses that run well are not controlled by one person who does everything all by themselves. Separation and delegation are key to having a functional business. For a functional business, you need to break down your company into several departments.

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Without exposure, your business will have a limited lifespan.  According to OBO, if you include a marketing department in your business plan, you will be able to utilize professionals who can advertise and promote your company in impactful ways. Your marketing department can create social media marketing campaigns, work with other companies to create partnerships, and study your target audience to know how to reach them better. Many successful companies have made the move online with the help of their marketing department. Without a marketing department, you will have no good way to know how to grow your sales and grow your market. With a marketing department, you can build a good future for your business.


In order to oversee the employees of your business, you need a human resources department. The HR apartment will cover the hiring and training of your employees. Finding new employees can be a laborious process, particularly when your business is new and not well known yet. This is where your HR department comes in to play when they recruit, interview, and hire new employees. They will also help manage internal affairs, time sheets, and company insurance. According to Gideon Taylor, HR software can help you manage and keep track of time off requests. Another important reason why you need a HR department is to handle any conflict that may arise between your employees.


Every business can benefit from a finance department. Not only will your finance department account for your expenditures and incoming funds, but they can also come up with plans for your company to make more money. Financial advisors can assess your current sales and make predictions for the future growth. They can also help by working with and recruiting investors to grow your budget. When tax season comes around, you will be able to rest easy as you trust that your finance department will carry that burden for you. Working with information provided by the HR department, the finance department will also take care of employee wages.

A business is like a clock. You need many different moving gears in order to function. Once you break up your company into departments, you will be able to see your business run smoothly and efficiently.

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