Digital Media Advisor – 3 Key Concepts to Market Your Boston Based Brand On Line

Hi and good day, my name is Shane Newell I am digital media advisor who works with brands in the Boston , ma retro area. Over the years I have done many things and started many websites, some have failed, and some have been successful. In this blog post – >  Digital Media Advisor – 3 Key Concepts to market Your Boston Based Brand On Line I break down my 3 key concepts to being successful online.

MY fellow business owners I am talking about online sales, internet marketing, digital media, and sales funnels. No matter what niche you are in there is and will be a market of consumers in Boston ,ma, but where there is many consumers you  will find huge computation.

This blog post will teach you how to get over and grab that upper hand on your local market in the Boston retro area.My 3 key concepts come down to consistency, value, and knowledge. I want to break down some internet marketing concepts that will skyrocket your boston base brand, and advise you in the ways of internet marketing.

Digital Media Advisor – 3 Key Concepts to market Your Boston Based Brand On Line

Key Concept #1 – SEO – Search Engine Rankings (Google & Bing )

The way I use and invest into SEO is a little different then many who teach this subject. Yes, I have invested in backlinking tools / techniques. Yes I have spent countless hours on keyword research / analytics And to be honest one of the biggest concepts I have found that works the best –  is time, patience & consistency.

 I am not saying that keyword research / and business analytics won’t work, instead I am saying that with in the world of online marketing everybody has a website, everybody is targeting the same keywords, and many businesses are starting to realize the power of online branding. It is not 2007 anymore, it is now 2018 and every business has some type of Online presence. Which means making SEO / organic search results harder to get and even harder to stay at the top.

Below are my keynotes to the does & don’ts Of SEO. Now one more thing to keep in mind is that google does roughly 7 seo ranking factor algorithm changes a year ( Updates) so when trying to grow and utilize a seo campaign for your Boston brand be prepared to be constantly changing and to not hold onto one technique.

The Don’ts OF Organic SEO

KeyWord Stuffing – back in the day ( early 2000s) webmasters and internet marketers would use a SEO technique called key word stuffing, webmasters would put roughly 30 – 40 words together all bunched in together at the bottom of a Blog post or webpage. The keywords would all be related to terms that a specific Boston or other citys business wanted to rank for. By mid 2000s, around 2008ish google caught up this trend and changed there algorithm update, and many many many websites dropped in the rankings and a lot of business loss revenue because of this. Key word stuffing is bad, and it serves no purpose in SEO rankings today.

Article Directories For Link Building 

To those who are new to internet marketing they may not know what article directory’s are and what they were used for. In the pre days of social media a webmaster would use article directories to submit a new post. If that specific article directory was very popular google would then rank that post in the search engines, or if google found that same article in many different article directories then google thought it was a relevant content and rank your URL. Internet marketers found a way to spam these directories, hence google changed their algorithm update, and article directories are now non existent.

Keyword research / following data trends

OK I know obviously keyword research is not dead but the way many internet marketers do it is very wrong. I have a new approach to keyword research that I will discuss in my SEO to do Keynotes.

Buying back links / focusing on back linking as a key concept of SEO

You want your backlinking to happen organically, back in the day mid-2000s, backlinking to other websites was a major factor in googles algorithm. The problem with this is that many businesses started selling backlinks, which in return made google not trust various websites and the ranking factor of back links where not very high.

(Other SEO don’ts)

  • Spamming / Building fake websites
  • Writing articles – webpages solely for SEO / sales
  • Buying rankings
  • Buying backlinks – directories or guess blogging on sketchy sites


SEO Dos to grow your Boston Based Brand On Line

Blog consistently

You need to be up loading fresh content weekly / monthly. Then you will need to submit those pages to google / bing using google webmaster tools – fetch as google / bing. Now your content for your blog needs to be over 1700 words, have 1 picture / video and you need to be  targeting 3 long tail keywords  that are spread out with in your content.

Domain Name Age

Because it is now 2018 and over the past few years there have ben a  boat load of spammy sites, to battle this  google now factors in your domain age, how long or old is your website, and how many times do you update it with fresh engaging content. When trying to grow a seo presence for your Boston brand, it is key to think long term im talking about 6 to 9 months depending on niche and computation. Before you will start seeing any ranking changes. Google loves a trusted site. So new site owners get ready to work hard and steer the course.

Internal Link Building

You need to be linking to other pages on your website, you will see examples of this on this post below when you see ( other popular articles from HomeBizNetworks) that is an example of internal linking


User experience / bounce rate

How is your website laid out, are your tabs easily to find, does your content make sense and easy to read. Are people finding your website then leaving right away. I am not talking about grammatical errors, I have many miss spellings and I still get first page rankings fairly easy. Its about the layout and flow. Also how are the readers interacting with your site. If your readers are quickly leaving your website then google will notice this and not place your post high in the rankings for that term, because google sees it as non-relevant or no engaging content.

Providing value for the readers

When you put the humans first and give your readers what they want, then your boston based brand will grow in the search engines. Its about providing value and content that humans want , not what the robots want.

Quick SEO keyword research Tips

  • Stop analyzing and looking for the magic Keyword ( it does not exists)
  • Use Longtail KeyWords IE “3 Key Concepts to market Your Boston Based Brand On Line”
    • Then use that keyword in 4 locations of your blog post ( title-1st paragraph-middle-end)
    • Break that long tail keyword into 3 other shorter keyword variants and sprinkle those variants into your post
  • Use google keyword planner as a first stop or brainstorming content ideas
  • Then use google trends to compare your initial brainstorming ideas
  • I then will type my long tail keyword ideas into the search engines to see what the first 6 – 8 posting listings are and how the tittles look and how the content looks.
  • I then will start building out my post based on my findings. I may try to beat the competition by adding another video to my post or adding a extra how to or what is paragraph.
  • Then after creating the post I will share it on social media, ping my blog to – Ping -O-Matic then submit my posting to fetch as google / fetch as bing with in bing / google webmaster tools.


Key marketing Concept # 2 – Social media Marketing / Branding

Oh the social media phenomenon, how these tools are great for all parties, the companies & customers alike. Social media marketing needs to be one of the main focusses when it comes to building out your Boston base brand, as it relates to internet marketing. The goal of social media marketing is not sales, but content and brand awareness. I know this article is about creating more sales right. A funny thing happens when you focus on content and value over sales pitches on social media, you generate more sales and better search engine rankings over time, without the high marketing costs of PPC.

You see Its all about branding and creating a engaging follow ship of people who like your content and brand. The best way to monetize your social media presence is to try to build a following and get people talking about your brand – products – services.

Why Social Media Marketing

All right its not enough in today’s market to be first on the search engines for specific Boston business marketing terms. Today people will research your brand in 3 or more places, and you bet believe you better have a good social media marketing strategy & following. If a person is thinking about buying your service or product in Boston they well look you up on facebook and see what others are saying, that is the first reason you need to be optimizing on social media, long story short your buyers are on social media.

The second reason why you need to be optimizing on social media is because the younger generation are very tech savvy and have many options. They are a very interactive group they like to speak to other friends and see what their peers have to say about any giving service or product. Below I want to discuss the pros and cons of social media marketing.

The Cons Of Social Media Marketing – My thoughts for Boston Based Brands.

Sales – Where are they?

Utilizing  Social media marketing  can be very difficult to analyze and correlate sales directly from a social media marketing campaign, typically speaking the more likes you / shares you have the better.

What social media Account to Grow?

The world of social media is huge, it can be very hard for brands and Boston businesses to decide on what social media platform to use.

Algorithm / and platform changes

Social media marketing channels change very frequently, and many times the algorithms changes and  can be very hard to digest and master.

The Pros Of Social Media Marketing


Its all about Branding and exposer when marketing on social media. Social media is the number 1 tool if you want more eyes and exposure on your Boston based brand and business.

Cheaper PPC For Most Industry

In many industries especially  with in local advertising, running paid ads in facebook – isntagram- linkedin and tweeter advertising, can be way cheaper then banner ads, and googles pay-per click options.

Customer service support

Not many marketing gurus talk about this subject but utilizing social media for customer support & customer relations can be a secret weapon. With social media you can instantly answer many questions from your customers and potential clients.

Broadcasting new services & products

Social media marketing can be the best place to let your customers know about new products and services.

Value & adding content

Social media is the top spot to give your customers extra services and providing more value. For instance, adding a mentorship facebook group to your service can be a huge selling point. Or having a place / forum for current customers to share their experience with each other.

Potential Reach / Going Virial

As a Boston based brand the potential of one of your social media posts & content going viral is very likely. It is essential for brands to be creating engaging content on social media, if you hit the right mark and some of your content goes virial, oh boy will that boost your Boston brand.


Yes despite what many say the more likes / shares you have the better your rankings will get over time. Google likes engaging content and once google sees that your content is valuable and getting engagement you will start to see your google rankings boost higher.

Key Concept #3 – Sale Funnels & email Marketing

All right let’s get into it and have the sales funnel & email marketing conversation. It’s not enough to just have a buy button on your Boston business-based website, you need to have a sales funnels in place to capture leads and put clients thru a specific funnel that gives the customer content they want and need. Potential clients Need to be familiar with your brand in many cases before they buy. In this case we can have potential buyers get to know you better with email marketing and what is called sales funnels and or lead capture funnels.  You see In many cases Email Marketing has an average return on investment (ROI) of $38.00 for every dollar invested into an email marketing campaign.

The reason for this ROI is the simple fact that the buyers are getting familiar with your content and are now comfortable to make a purchase. Think of email marketing as a follow up sales call, but instead of being salesy you focus on content and information rather than sales. Its about following up and providing valuable info and keeping your business fresh in the minds of the buyers. Then BAM you ask  for the sale & rake in the cash . Gary vaynerchuk has a great book about this called jab jab right hook – u can see my full review hear – in garys book he talks about branding and the impertinence of providing value first then after ,  asking gently for the sale with a call to action link at the end of emails and blog posts.

Some quick stats On Email Marketing

  • Email List Segmentation and personalized emailing were the most effective email strategies of 2017
  • As of 2017 almost 3.7 billion global email users, who utilize emails in there day to day lives.
  • Mobile email will account for 20-75 percent of email opens.
  • Adding video emails may increase open rates by 300%

Email marketing starts with the sales funnel, you will need to make sure that the sales funnel page aligns with your products / and email sequences. When creating a sales funnel, you to put in place a great lead magnet or free offer, then you will need to put in place a series of follow up emails, it is in those emails you will give the client sale offers and free content. Below I share some links to a free trial of click funnels & a click funnels sales funnel starter  book – free trials.

Digital Media Advisor – 3 Key Concepts to market Your Boston Based Brand On Line

Recap the 3 key digital media marketing concepts that will help you market your brand in Boston, MA

  • Key Concept #1 – SEO – Search Engine Rankings (Google & Bing )
  • Key marketing Concept # 2 – Social media Marketing / Branding
  • Key Concept #3 – Sale Funnels & email Marketing

All right we have reached the end of this post, I hope that the above information has helped you grow your brand in Boston, ma. Now keep in mind when utilizing the above internet marketing techniques, to utilize local search terms, and features. Its allot keeping things relevant for local shopers / clients. Another side note, is when you are running marketing campaigns you will find some techniques will work better then others. If this is the case double down on what’s working and tweak what’s not. Good luck and leave me a comment below to tell me your thoughts.

Thanks For Reading as a gift im offering you some free marketing material just click the below links for details

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Free Funnel Give Away – Turn Key Sale Funnels

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