Facebook Advertising 101 – General Tips That Will Help Get You Started

Oh the facebook advertising blue print. The know all and be all of  facebook marketing. Well not quite, this is my Facebook 101 general tips that will help get you started on marketing on facebook. Its Currently 2017, and in this age of SEO tactics, and internet marketing there have Ben some major changes to how we sell, and market our services and products on line to our customers.Facebook Advertising 101 General Tips That will help get you started

Now the below information is not an exactly a how to step by step guide, I am simply breaking down some general tips you need to keep in mind when you start to sell and use paid advertising on social media platforms like facebook. So please keep reading and after the article, leave me a comment below and tell me your thoughts! Great lets get started.

Facebook Advertising 101 General Tips That will help get you started

  • Try FaceBook Offers and grab a bunch of attention – When you have professional  facebook pages and groups, facebook gives you options to promote deals and services to exclusively facebook users only on facebook. The trick to this is to do give a ways for sing up ( email Collections) or discounts on your services. The best way to start is to offer this give away to your fans, and analyze your results. If the giveaway goes well then market your event to the masses.

How this helps your business – You re-market to your signups over and over again.


  • Think of and create Goals – what does this mean? Before starting your campaign, have some goals in mind. Think about things like. Am I trying to get more website visitors? Am I trying to get more leads and capture a massive email list. Am I trying to get more Likes for my Facebook business page. You see while setting up your facebook advertising campaign, Facebook scheme walks you through  and designs your add specifically on your main goals. Then you create multipole campaigns with different goals, related to your business.


  • Uses Facebook ads to promote new services – Facebook advertising is a huge opportunity to bring massive attention to your new services, sales, deals, and or product launches.
  • Choosing between daily and lifetime Budgeting – So this feature is for more  of the experience marketer, you see it breaks down simply, a daily budget will cut off and stop running your ads after a set cost has ben met with in the facebook advertising platform. And a lifetime budgeting is  pretty much consecutively running constantly. The facebook ad platforms runs a daily cycle, so the analytical options in facebook ads is amazing. So this technique is great for marketing. I use and like to run weekly ads and then I move forward based on my results.


  • Images , videos, text ads – testing in advertising on facebook is key. Every campaign is different, you need to test a variety of images, texts and or videos with your adds. Facebook gives an option where you can add multipole images to your campaign and it will automatically shuffle between the images you select.


  •  What Size Images should we be using – Facebook recommends images sizes of 1200×627 pixels for your ads. I use a free service called canva. Canva has features that will help you build specific sized photos for your social media accounts and in this example facebook add photos.


  • Highly advanced targeting Options – Facebook is the king for targeting the correct people who are interested in the subjects you are trying to offer. You can target by age, location, gender, workplace, industry’s, hobbies, relationship status, language, education, and so much more, I mean its almost endless.
  • Keep your ad Short – Listen  keep your ad short and get strait to the point. Use keywords techniques and eye catching headliners.
  • Call to action – At the end of the add or in the bottom of the text you want the readers to take some sort of action. sing up here, click this. Buy that. Etc.

Final Thoughts On Facebook Advertising 101 General Tips That will help get you started

Key pointers


  • Uses Facebook ads to promote new services
  • Think of and create Goals
  • Uses Facebook ads to promote new services
  • Choosing between daily and lifetime Budgeting
  • Images , videos, text ads
  • What Size Images should we be using – (1200×627 pixels)
  • Highly advanced targeting Options
  • Keep your ad Short
  • Call to action


To recap the above facebook advertising tips, I want to stress that the above steps is what I focus on when I run adds on facebook its not a step by step tool box, it’s a theory and thought process behind my marketing strategies. Facebook advertising is  a sweet science, a very easy science to learn, the trick is to just get started, and test, analyze, and test again, then adjust and double down on what is working. Thanks for reading, and tell me your thoughts below.

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