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A few days ago, I Started a question thread with in a facebook  group. The question I asked was, what is your number 1 struggle with affiliate marketing . Below is my response to the Facebook thread.

Firstly, I want to address the fact that internet marketing is a great way to build sales, brand awareness, and build a strong hole with in your Niche. Now on the flip side  internet marketing is a process, and it takes a lot of time and dedication to make things happen. That being said, below I will start to address the questions / concerns from that Facebook question & Answer theme.

The Concerns –

  • Finding a Good Product
  • The right amount of people & Traffic
  • The right targeted audiences
  • Finding a Good Product / Niche for higher conversions
  • How can I Help with the struggles Of affiliate Marketing

MY thoughts and answers to the above  affiliate marketing concerns


Finding a Good Product  

I see this question a lot with  in forums and question threads. The issue I have with this question is the simple fact that way to many entrepreneurs , are worried about What to sell, and not how they are going to sell it. The best way to know if a product is good or not good  to sell is simply to test it before you start selling it. Also look for reviews on better business websites in regards to the product you want to sell . Below I break down some bullet pointers that may help you find great products to sell

  • See what others are buying. IE – amazon best sellers, Alibaba top sellers ( for drop shippers)
  • Using keyword research tools to diagnoses your niche market
  • ClickBank Best seller lists ( Affiliate digital products)
  • I also use google alerts / google news to help with my niche research.

When choosing a good product obviously you want to stay away from scammy, illegal and non ethical services, if your gut tells you something is off then in most cases it is. Please remember for the most part, it comes down to the marketing and promotion of a product and not the simple fact the product is good or not.


The Right Amount Of People & Traffic

this concern can be broken down in so many different ways with a lot of content, but I want to give you some  high end quality tid-bits that may help my readers understand this concept better and help answer your question.

  • Its all about the correct targeting Over amount of people (think quality over volume)
  • SEO Techniques & principles
  • Many consumers won’t buy your product in less they are familiar with your Brand
  • Social Media Marketing / Branding – start a forum, or Facebook group with an emphasis of your targeted niche.
  • Keep creating content and Build Brand awareness
  • Traffic and views have a snowball effect once it starts keep the momentum going and you will start seeing results. To many business owners quit their marketing concepts right before they hit it big time

Targeting the Right Audiences

This simply breaks down to proper niche development & research. You need to know your services, products, competitors &  potential consumers like the back of your hand. How does this relate to targeting the right audiences? because if you know your niche like the back of your hand you can in return market to the correct audiences. I want you to think about the below subjects in relates to targeting the right audiences

  • Targeting People who shared / liked your content on social media
  • Using email marketing to re-market your services to past buyers and consumers
  • Setting up proper sales funnels, so you can easily retargeted the correct audiences VIA sing up forms and niche based lead magnets
  • Testing your campaigns and doubling down on your results.
  • Facebook ads has a feature where you can market your add campaign towards people who liked or shard similar products you have.
  • YouTube marketing.
  • Niche development / research
  • Engage with potential customers on social media and see what they need
  • Join local niche related facebook groups and share your products and services
  • Use very specific targeted keywords. Not broad matches. Think local seo , and join local forums and groups


Niche for higher conversions

When it comes to conversions, it all boils down to testing and niche research / development. A big part in getting people to convert, is the simple fact that people buy from companies and services that they know and trust. So if you want better conversions, don’t worry about the product you have, focus on marketing, content creation, and branding. Get people to know who you are and the services you offer. Below I break down some key features for better conversions.

  • Give away some content, let people see your products/ test your services then remarket to those consumers
  • Get very specific on keyword research and use local SEO techniques
  • Use squeeze pages and sale funnels to funnel the correct consumers into the correct products
  • Retargeting & testing ( Youtube Video Remarketing)
  • Do giveaways, sale discounts, and other free promotional style give a ways
  • Build an email list and market to those subscribers.

How can I Help with the struggles Of affiliate Marketing?


By Simply giving information to other business owners and share my experience by building a blog, and sharing my experiences on social media. At HomeBizNetWorks.com I share all my internet marketing knowledge, and give my readers quality feedback of the results, and case study’s from my projects. My goal with HomeBizNetworks.com is to give my readers tried tru internet marketing / affiliate marketing advice. Hopefully the above information helps your business. Thanks for reading and to all those who asked a question with in the facebook community, I want to thank you.

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