Facebook Stops Pages That Share Fake News

FaceBook Stops Pages That Share Fake News From Buying Adds

As a digital marketer and internet business entrepreneur I love using Facebook to engage with  my customers and followers. Let me  start off saying that I hate fake news, and the pages and sites that share the fake news. Now I get it, sometimes people share fake news because they think it’s a legit news article, sadly though the truth is that there is a lot of fake news floating around on facebook just to stir up things.FaceBook Stops Pages That Share Fake News From Buying Adds

In a nut shell if Facebook pages are constantly posting links from flagged news sources that are known to be fake from third party fact checkers, then Facebook admins will block them from buying ads, and not let them advertise the fake news.

Great right, at least facebook is trying and doing their do diligence to nip this issue in the butt. My question is? Will blocking those profiles and pages from buying adds enough. Also, shouldn’t there be more penalties for first time, second time, third times offenders.

I do tip my hat off to Facebook because they are cutting off some revenue from the table just to stop the spread of fake news articles. In a company Blog article Facebook Product managers Tessa Lyons & Satwik Shukla announced, “If Pages stop sharing false news, they may be eligible to start running ads again,” I do believe  facebook is looking in to extended penalties. However, facebook never disclosed how many fake news post a page must have before they get punished.

This All came to light in  the presidential  Election for 2016 / 2017. If you were like me following this stuff on social media, then you realized that  all the fake news stories  put a huge  damper on things, and had the potential to sway the thoughts and minds of potential voters. Also there where a lot of fake celebrity death stories, with macaulay  culkin  being one of the major “Fake News Stories” floating around on facebook sometime  around 2014 or 2015.

Obviously there will be some fake news stories that slip thru the crack, but on a much bigger Scale  I believe that Facebook is taking the correct steps into  getting  a handle of the situation before it gets worse.  I am a major fan of facebook and I would hate to see this social media platform fall apart do to fake news stories. All these fake news stories put a dim light on all the  truthful legitimate  content creators who are trying to bring value to their readers and followers on facebook.

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