FaceBook VS Google + – Which platform is better to market on

FaceBook VS Google + – Which platform is better to market On

The quick answer to the question FaceBook VS Google + – Which platform is better to market on ? is simple. You need to be marketing your brand, services and products on both social media platforms. Now that being said there are differences between the two, and you need to adjust your marketing and content on each social media platform.

You see Facebook is without a doubt the king of social media, and google is the king for searching, and SEO purposes.  with the addition of Google+ in 2015, google entered the world of social media platforms, to do battle with Facebook, tweeter, Instagram, and other platforms. The issue most marketers face is the fact that they don’t see any potential for sales on these platforms, and they are very confused on how to monetize for them.  Hear at HomeBizNetworks.com I post content on both platforms and I discuss the pros and cons of each, in the following article.


Ahhhhh Google, the king of kings. Google transcended and revolutionized the internet. Before google it was nearly imposable to search, study or find anything on line. With highly efficient algorithms, google was able to centralized the internet’s content IE  websites  and create a place where people could go and find the information they need. That being said, we must keep in mind the importance of google as a whole, and with the addition of google+ it just make sense to have our content on googles platforms.

Pros for  Marketing On Google+

  • SEO / back linking – google loves when you share and post your content on their sponsored platforms, and google does recognize all the information that is being shared liked and spread around on google+
  • Community and tagging – google+ does a real good job with bringing groups and likeminded people together, so people can share knowledge and services.
  • Google Hangouts+ group video chat- This feature allows companies to chat with customers, and share videos with their current hang out group with a very easy streamlined approach.
  • Stream real time – with Google+ articles and postings go straight to the top and new comments are viewable right away when you login

Cons For Google+

  • Very small user base – google+ is not that popular In regards to social media platforms, which means online marketers will not see high traffic volumes after posting on this platform.
  • Confusing account set up – many people feel that google+ can be very confusion while setting up their profiles, and google+ is not as user friendly as other social media platforms.
  • Cant post multipole times – Google + is great for posting content but you don’t want to post to many times, because you will start to look spammy. You want to mix up posting times. Me personally I like to post 3 times a week, or when important news is going on.



Mark zuckerberg  the founder and genus behind Facebook, Facebook  is the king of social media platforms, and everybody and their mother is on facebook. Facebook entered our lives in 2004, and if you have been living under a rock for the last 10 years, Facebook does not need an introduction. Below I break down the pros and cons while marketing your services, and products on this social media marketing platform.


Pros  for marketing  On FaceBook

  • Streamlined highly targeted optimization – with in facebook you have a lot of optimization on who to target for your products, facebook is the best platform for optimizing and targeting options.
  • Things go viral – facebook is the best social media platform for your content, adds, and services to reach the masses. If you create cool loveable content, best be sure that many people will share it and a lot of people will notice your micro content.
  • Retargeting – faceBook presents opportunities  to retarget people who liked and shared your micro content.
  • Fan Pages – Facebook introduces a uniqe opportunity to interact with your customers, and give us as business owners insights on what is working and what our consumers need, whitch is the main the goal.


Cons For Marketing on FaceBook


  • Fan Pages- I know, fanpages was one of my pros, but this can be a two bladed sword. If you do a poor job interacting with your followers  or designing your content, the facebook community will let you know, and your content will not reach the masses.


  • Results are not immediate – most marketers stare  away from facebook because they do not see how shares and likes can create into profit. Which is true, but they forget about branding. You have to have persistence while marketing on Facebook


  • No Views – If you are constantly generating poor content, ie adds, and posts and your content does not get shared, facebook will bury your stuff, and you may never be herd from again.


  • Facebook is for the people – Facebook cares about the community not the marketers, so always keep your readers, customers, and followers in mind first, and try to generate content they will love. And try not to constantly sell sell sell on the plat form.


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Final Thoughts on FaceBook VS Google + – Which platform is better to market on


Like with everything in life, there is prose and cons, there is no difference with this. My friends, we have to remember to take a step back and think about the platform we are marketing on. We have to keep in mind the flow, feel ,and the community. Than we must put together marketing campaigns that will best suit these platforms to help better assist and give our readers the content they need.


So what is the answer, in short, I prefer Facebook for sorting things and to try to reach a sorting goal, and I use google+ for other reasons. It is up to you to decide how to best market your business, and if you are struggling with  the decision on which one to market on, than I would advise to first think about your target audience, and test test  test on both platforms.

Thanks for reading this, and if you have a question, concerns and experience please leave me a comment I would love to hear from you.


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