Factors to Consider While Interviewing Potential Job Candidates

The healthy function of a sales team is a vital component of any business operation. Because of this, hiring new sales team members is of paramount importance. Here are five primary factors to consider when interviewing potential job candidates.

Skill Set Match

The most critical thing to look for when looking at potential employees is skill-set compatibility. Not only is previous work experience relevant, but you also need to consider whether the candidate has the potential to continue to move forward in his or her career trajectory in a way that will prove beneficial to your company. Look for people who are willing to learn without being told or asked.

Ownership of Responsibility

Savvy hiring managers understand the importance of finding new employees who demonstrate that they are able to own all of their decisions and consequences. Taking personal ownership of previous jobs, past actions, and future endeavors shows that the employee has the maturity needed to succeed in any job situation.

Winning Personality

Another often-overlooked factor when trying to find the perfect person for the job is what kind of personality is the best fit for the duties. Personality isn’t just how an employee acts; it can also include employee engagement, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and more. Fortunately, there are various tools to assess whether a candidate has a good personality for the job. Having a prospective employee take a personality assessment or survey will help you to ascertain whether this person has the right character traits needed to succeed in the position and to be a good fit with the company.


This X-factor can help predict what level of success a potential new employee will find with your company. Self-confidence can be the defining characteristic that elevates a job candidate from average to superior. Finding employees who are confident in their abilities as well as their potential for future career success will pay big dividends down the road. Be warned, though; it’s vital as an interviewer to be able to discern between confidence and arrogance.

Communication Is Key

Especially in the sales sector, excellent communication skills are a must. Not only do you want to make sure that your job candidates have effective verbal communication skills, but you also want to ensure that their written abilities will put them in the position to move your company forward.
By paying close attention to these five factors, you can ensure that you are hiring the best candidate for the job. It is often the intangibles that can make or break a sales position, so take care to make sure that your new employees are up to the challenge.
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