How To – Goals For Creating content!

The goal for creating content is to get your readers and followers reading, following, and consuming your content. When people read your posts, and content thenGoals For Creating content! most likely you will start receiving some dialog back and forth, and then the next thing you know, your money sites will start selling and you will soon see gains and profits.

On page engagement is a key factor for google rankings. when people engage and leave feedback on your blog posts it shows google that your content is relevant and generating some “ Buzz”. Then google will in return grant you better rankings.  Remember a website with content has the potential to grab attention and acquire followers. This is the Goals for Creating Content.  Below I discuss my personal thoughts on why you should be creating content with a goal-oriented mind frame, and always putting your readers and followers first and give them what they need, great content.

The Different Types Of Content

  • Website
  • Articles
  • Videos
  • Social Networks
  • Your Comments Themselves
  • ALL your content activities

When we build content no matter the source we must think of the simple fact that we  are trying to grab a humans attention and bring them value. We must always have a specific goal for each and every Article we post, and content we share. Think value and information over sales, and numbers.

My Goals when publishing Content

  • Will this bring value to my readers
  • Is the theory I’m writing about match the other content on my site.
  • Am I trying to get a customer lead with this content / and what do I want my reader to do after they consume my content.
  • Is my focus for the content on SEO, generating leads, or is it a quick how to post for social media
  • The share ability

If you are new to internet marketing, and are un sure how to write and create content, use the list below to help you brain storm, that way each every piece of content you create will goal oriented and with a purpose.

How I am Using it? (What are your activities)

  •  Are you Adding content related to my niche/business
  •  Trying to Start Discussions Related to my niche
  • Posting all new and valuable content (articles, videos, and pages)
  • Offering Support and communication via the private messaging

Why I am Using it? (Will it really benefit your business)

  • To gain more followers in my niche
  • To increase traffic to my website through posting
  • To increase my brand presence
  • Offer customer service to my potential and existing customers

The above key pointers are bullet pointers that help me diagnosed my content creation ideas, and the above lists help me get my Goals For Creating content down to a ”T”, and in return help me to create high value content from my readers.

Remember we want to create content in ongoing basis, even when it seems like no one is following you, or clicking on your links. Staying consistent with your content creation goals, and always working towards creating content regularly and purposefully.

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