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Google Algorithm Updates & Reasons To Stay Updated

OH yes the dreaded Algorithm Updates, yes my friends in this article I will be breaking down some key pointers of googles Algorithm Updates & Reasons to Stay Updated. In many cases huge google algorithm updates can affect search engine Optimization results, and can make SEO experts and managers do flips, trying to figure out the best ways to manage their websites.

I want to try to break down the stigma of googles algorithm updates & try to teach you some real world reasons why you need stay updated but not freak out about the updates. Firstly according to BrightLocal 36% of business owners / SEO experts say that they could not tell if  googles algorithm updates effect there business in a positive or negative way. Most say that google needs to do a better  job explaining the repercussions   and effects of their algorithm updates.

To me It all comes down to adaptations and consistency. When it comes to this internet marketing thing, and seo management, it all comes down to consistence of content creation, and being able to adapt to googles update, and staying afloat with your branding and product lines. Running a business is difficult, we need to stay focus and strong. SO how should we apparently prepare for google updates? Keep reading for details.

Tips & Tricks For Preparing for googles Algorithm

  • Get and run ranking reports regularly ( Monthly )
  • Review the sites traffic before the update then after the update ( note the dates & traffic sources )
  • Look into On page SEO, and research the effects of the websites that your page is linked to , before and after a google algorithm updates
  • Study the SERPS regularly
  • Study and follow industry leaders.
  • Keep creating content, remember consistency is key hear.
  • Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
  • Use googles Webmaster tools, and run diagnostics tools with in the webmaster tools console.


Pros & Cons For Googles Algorithm Up dates

Pros –

  • Enables users to find the most relevant information based on their searches
  • Improve search engines rankings
  • Keeps googles content fresh
  • Removes unwanted / un valued / spammy content

Cons –

  • Very limited official information on what changes have ben made
  • Most SEO managers go crazy trying to stay up to date and spend to much time worrying about the updates
  • To many updates with very little effect on the over all Serps rankings and experience
  • Rankings may drop with out any clear reason why


Related Google Algorithm Update Information

  • Latest update – 2-2017
  • Google algorithm updates happen roughly 600 -700 times a year
  • Panda = Quality Score for web pages (Content Duplication reporting)
  • Penguin = Spammy / irrelevant links with over optimized anchor text
  • Hummingbird = Keyword stuffing and low quality content
  • Pigeon = poor on and off page SEO techniques
  • Mobilegeddon – googles way for  monitoring mobile versions of a website

Top SEO Experts To Follow

  • Barry Adams
  • Jono Alderson
  • Alicia Anderson
  • Dawn Anderson
  • Benj Arriola
  • Adam Audette
  • Loren Baker
  • Neil Patel
  • Ashley Berman Hale
  • Alex Becker


Final Thoughts on Google Algorithm Updates & Reasons To Stay Updated

The google algorithm update can be an overwhelming scenario for any one related to internet marketing. The way I handle google algorithm updates is simple. I don’t freak out I stay on the course. You see we need to follow and stay informed on the major updates, the trick is to not freak out, and to consistently be tracking, and collecting data of search results, and google rankings. We need to understand that changes will come, and we need to have action plans in place in case a major google algorithm does affect our SERPS rankings.

With my website I have many different ways I generate traffic, from SEO techniques, social media marketing, PPC campaigns, and videos. I also submit my site and optimize for multipole Search engines, like Bing, and google, for the simple fact that if there was a major update that had a huge effect on my rankings, I would have a back up plan, and second, third, and or fourth avenue to get my message across and give value to my followers and readers.

Lets stay positive, and try not to worry about googles updates. We should be paying attention to the updates and make  appropriate changes, but we should not break the bank every time google makes an update, keep using white hate marketing techniques, and producing high quality content. Remember to put your customers first, not the search engines, if you follow that theory your business will survive any update that google pushess. good luck with your business, and carry on.

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