Does Your Google Rankings Matter In 2018 ?

Does Your Google Rankings Matter In 2018 ? I discuss Pros & Cons SO you can land better rankings !

OK folks, I just got done reading an interesting article  from Hubspot by Matthew Barby titled Your Google Rank Doesn’t matter Any More. And to be honest I just had to put my two since in and talk about my opinions on the subject. Firstly let me brake down some of his key pointers on the subject.

Key Pointers from the Hubspot Article

  • Breaking down how google analytics worked 5 -to 10 years ago compared to now.Does Your Google Rankings Matter In 2018
  • He broke down how google keyword planner estimates for monthly potential searches / search results.
  • He discussed how google made a change to encrypted search and how this effected how SEO professionals study potential keyword analytics
  • And then finally the article broke down how google seo works now
    • Personalization
    • Device
    • Location

Now this article was awesome and it was a very good read for me. And it got me thinking. Well Firstly I have ben changing the way I do my keyword research. Yes I don’t think keyword for SEO proposes is dying in 2018 , however it is changing, and below I break down my three factors and or key pointers for keyword research in 2018.

The below pointers are just top factors that I focus on when I create content for my clients, and for my own business websites. Keep in mind that keyword research and how it relates to rankings and SEO in 2018 will depend on the tools you use, your experience, and how you implement the keywords with in your posts, content, and social profiles. IT is time for me to breakdown my key pointers for keyword research in 2018.

Side Note before I start I open a fresh excel spread sheet.  that way I can  save keywords I like and or topics I like and create notes for my self if needed.

First – Google Trends. Yes that’s right I start my SEO Keyword research with google trends. Why you might ask? Because with in the google trends platform I can get a real good idea on all the popular topics with in my niche, and see various trends, and subject matter. ( I usually end up with 15-20 keyword ideas)

Second step – Popular articles.  The second stage of my keyword research is to do a quick 15-20 min search online to see if other news, blogs or sites have popular articles written about the keywords I have researched in step one. ( I littery copy and past the keywords in to google and search and see what I can find) I note any cool articles I find.

Third Step – Using JAAXY Keyword tool . I use a software called jaaxy to do my finalized keyword research.  This tool gives all sorts of metrics and other keyword ideas.

Full Jaaxy Review 

 My quick tips for keyword research in 2018

  • Think local results ( add local words to your keywords, example = weymouth MA Top Marketing techniques for 2018)
  • Put readers and customers first
  • Don’t waist to much time on keyword research, just get the content out
  • Keywords are meant for ideas, there is no guarantee for rankings, so focus on great content.
  • Use keyword terms 3 times in your content, top, middle, and end paragraphs. And also use it in your titles, and meta descriptions.
  • Use variants of your key words in other places in your article.
  • Think of keyword research as brainstorming content ideas & rankings second. Being the top spot in google these days does not mean more sales, like it did 10years ago. Even tho having top rankings is the goal. So try not to focus on metrics as how many clicks you will get but, if people are looking for and need your content ( keywords ) this is why I turned my focus on trends and articles not specific keywords.
  • Use long tail keywords

 Does Your Google Rankings Matter In 2018 ?

Now let me answer this question for you. Yes rankings do matter in 2018, but don’t expect more sales because of those ranked numbers. the trick to SEO in 2018 is social profiles, local searches /indexing, and having a mobile ready website.

The way people use the internet nowadays is so different, they will research your business on social media, study your website ,and try to find you in google. So yes rankings do matter in2018, but they do not have the same effect as they once did. You need to make sure people can find you on other platforms, not just in the top rankings of google. In 2018 the key to business / website success is with in social, viral, and customer support / reviews. Customers want to know that the business are there for them. You need to have more then just first page rankings in google. Internet marketing and sales is more about branding, and providing value to your customers. If you keep producing great content, the sales will follow.

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