How And Why To Create Blog Content!

How And Why To Create Blog Content?



Ok so here’s the scenario, Firstly I will be doing a lot of generalizing On this subject because of most things I read and see on line are just strait up not correct in one way or another .Now that’s not to say that I am Perfect or that I don’t make mistakes, but I want to reiterate, and share with you my theory’s, and thought process while I create content for my websites.

The first and last thing I Think about when I create website content is you the readers. Yes that’s right before doing keyword research, marketing research, competitor analysis, or anything else for my site, I stop and think what do my readers want now, how can I better assist my followers and give them value.

You see, to many online marketers focus on either A the Sale or B the Message they are trying to get across. The issue is they focus on posting features and try to sell sell, sell, without putting the readers wants first. As Marketers we Need to do one Thing before we start. We need to answer this one simple question.  What is our readers thinking? how we can give them what they want?

My Thought Process For creating Blog Content!

  • What Do my Readers want next?
  • IS the content I am creating giving value, and helping my readers accomplish something they want?How And Why To Create Blog Content
  • Is my next Article in demand? Are People interested in the subject I am about to write about ?
  • Is there any products related to my Blog post that can help my readers, better learn or do something?
  • Market/competitor/keyword research
  • Start writing and building the things I need for my Blog Post
  • Edit, and post my Blog post


You see writing blog content, and or any other content is quite simple, don’t think to much about it. Put your readers first, that’s the focus. Yes as marketers we need to make the sale, but you won’t be able to make the final sale if the reader a “human” doesn’t feel connected in one way or another to your great content.

Some Key Points On Why Or What People are thinking when they are searching for stuff Online

  • Tried related Products and services before, why is this one different?
  • Maybe frustrated with their finical situation and are looking for ways to enhance ones Income
  • Looking for real help without some marketer pushing products on them
  • Need a solution for an end goal IE service or product
  • How will I know if this is real or a scam


The list goes on and on here friends, but I think you understand my concept that I am trying to get across. Put your readers first, and try to make a connection while creating great dialogue that shows you are as a marketer a human who has the information that your readers want.

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Leave me a comment below if you have any questions, concerns, or information.

Thanks Shane

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  1. HI Dave, Thank you for your very kind words, much appreciated. I try to keep my writing short and to the point, i am also going to be writing many articles on blogging and i wanted to get a good basic article to start from and inform my readers with blogging knowledge . DO you have an idea or a blogging topic you want me to write about, on my site. do you have any questions. leave me a comment below. thanks . and keep working hard.

  2. Nice post although a bit short. I like the fact that you laid down the main aspects of writing quality content that converts and that’s what readers need to know. well written post with some great information albeit a bit short in length. I like the fact you added links to other content on your website. That can help newbie bloggers on the road to success.

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