How Business & Customer Reviews Impact Local SEO Results

After you’ve done all of your market research, designed the perfect website, and targeted the right customers, you can still suffer from bad ranking placement for other reasons. Online reviews and website credibility scores can have a huge impact on where your company appears on local search result listings. Here are a few tips to help you overcome those obstacles and get the right reputation on the web.Below I discuss How Business & Customer Reviews Impact Local SEO Results. 

How Local SEO Is Calculated

Google’s search results algorithm is a well-kept secret for the most part, but we do know that local SEO rankings are determined by how well-known your business is, relevance to search keywords, distance from the user’s location settings, and online reviews. Local SEO looks heavily on business reviews to determine where your listing appears. If you’ve got a lot of bad ratings on Google it can affect your listing all over the internet. You’ll appear less frequently at the top of search results and your competition will be seen by customers first. The only real way to solve this problem is through an abundance of positive reviews, but you can improve your ranking through other means to combat this downside.


Improve Your Customer Service

The best step you can take is by discouraging bad reviews with prompt and more-than-fair customer service. Pay close to attention to complaints by going above and beyond the service expectations that your competition provides. It may be better on occasion to lose a little profit in order to avoid getting a bad review. Always make your refund and return policies extremely clear for every customer so there’s less chance of complaints. Do research on your customers and target demographics. You should often browse online to see what people are saying about your business. You can address common problems that are leading to complaints if it’s possible. Don’t shy away from reaching out to disgruntled customers online and attempting to set the record straight.

Encourage Positive Reviews

Some businesses give incentives to their clients to participate in online reviews. Many storefronts have giveaways and coupon codes to reward customers for giving their honest opinions. This is especially helpful for building the reputation of restaurants and contracted services. People are far more likely to leave a negative comment complaint when they are upset than to leave a positive comment when they have a great experience. Someone who enjoys your service might not even think to leave a good review. That’s why it’s important to remind them and to encourage positivity. A secret sauce to boosting local SEO is in fact customer engagement. the more engagement the better. 

Organically Building Your SEO

One way to make up for poor reviews is through naturally improving your SEO ranking with online traffic. You can engage more people through informative blogs, cross-link to other web domains, and encourage customers to visit your website for special offers. Large chain stores get far more terrible reviews than a small business does, but they have the means to actively fight against bad ratings through large-scale optimization platforms.

Paid Marketing

If you want to see the biggest boost possible for your traffic you can always start an online ad campaign. Most search engines charge a set price per click for each visitor. It’s based on keywords and key-phrases that you’re willing to pay for. You choose a certain keyword, then the customer searches that exact keyword, and you appear near the top of the results. It works great for niche markets but can be extremely expensive with certain phrases. For instance, keywords related to health insurance are extremely expensive for each click due to the size of the industry and general subject matter. You’ll have to think creatively and find a keyword with a price that isn’t artificially inflated by large corporations who can afford to spend millions on their SEO. Avoid the hassle of testing the waters by hiring an online marketing professional to handle your campaigns for you.

 Final Thoughts On How Business & Customer Reviews Impact Local SEO Results

You Can Improve Your Local SEO

With intelligent research and matching customer service, you can overcome any negativity that rises against your search ranking. Use the convenient tools you have at your disposal to build your brand’s reputation. All you have to do is follow a few proven SEO guidelines and you’ll be on your way to a higher ranking in no time.

To hit higher and better SEO local results, you need to focus on quality and consistency and being able to change and move forward.  good luck with your seo results and  managing your local business reviews  .thanks for reading. 

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