How Do I Get My eCommerce Site Off the Ground?

If you are a co-working space manager or operator, you’re probably wondering how to start up your eCommerce site successfully. It can be tricky knowing how to make a profit out of your eCommerce business. You’ll want to try out these few steps in order to get your eCommerce site up and running effectively and making a sizable profit.

Develop Your Products

Developing successful products for your eCommerce company might take a bit of strategic planning. Take the time to research which products you’d want to sell and which products would be successful selling through an online platform. You want to make sure that your products have sufficient supply and significant demand. Successful online products are current with trends and styles but aren’t easily found on other sites like Etsy or Amazon, because you don’t want to be competing with those big-name companies.

Optimize Your Site

One of the most important things that you can do to have financial success with your ecommerce site is through optimization techniques. First of all, you want to make sure that people can find your site when they are searching on the internet. Apply These SEO TIPS first . Try to use simple URLs that are easy to use and trust. Include lots of keywords that are associated with your products so that customers see your company as one of their first options. Most important of all, make sure that you have safe and secure technology for your financial transactions because most customers won’t go through with an order if they don’t trust the transaction process.

Set it Up for Orders

Before you launch your website, make sure that you have a good process set up for receiving and fulfilling product orders. If ordering your products has an easy and transparent process, customers will be a lot more persuaded to shop at your website. Make sure that it is easy to see which products are in stock and how to order them. On your end, make sure that you’re able to process their orders quickly and effectively. If set up the right way, you can manage your shipping processes, check up on product inventory, organize orders all from the same website. Being able to manage everything in one place will streamline the process and remove a lot of the headache.

Have an Attractive Aesthetic

Once your eCommerce site is up and running, you’ll want to make sure that you have developed it in a way that is attractive to your viewers and potential customers. Ideally, your site should be easy to maneuver, with clear headlines, menu options, and directions. The easier your site is to use the more customers will want to buy your products. In addition, it should have coordinated color schemes and professional-looking writing. It may be helpful to include brief descriptions of each of your products so customers have additional reliable input about the products they want to purchase. 

You’ll also want to make sure that you include clear, accurate, and attractive product photos, as photos are the best advertisers as far as enticing customers goes. For certain products, you may even want to include multiple photos. For example, if you are selling clothing, it could be helpful for customers to have photos of the clothing from a couple of different vantage points to determine how it would fit them. Or if you are selling some kind of home décor, your customers may want to know how the pieces look from multiple angles to see if it would be a good fit for their home. Including each of these stylistic and aesthetic elements will help your site to attract more traffic and be more successful.

Clear Communication

It is important to maintain clear and facilitated communication with your customers. To do so, ensure that your customers can easily locate your contact information on your website. If your customers have questions about a product or need help in any way, they will try to contact you through your customer service options. Consider having a contact info tab that is easily visible on your site or even a live support chat. If you are able to resolve their concerns quickly and happily, the chances of them continuing to shop from your site will increase dramatically. You can even send emails to them to confirm their purchases, remind them of products in their cart, or update them on sales and special offers.

Gain a Following

While eCommerce websites don’t function exactly like social media, there are a couple of successful techniques that can be adopted from apps like Instagram or Pinterest. One of the best ways to improve your sales is to increase your website following like you’d do on a social media site. The more people that are constantly checking up on your site and following what you are posting, the more sales you will have. If you have traffic you have on your site, that means that your customers are interested in your posts and products and have time and money to spend on your company. To increase your following, try including a blog on your website with lifestyle tips that align with the products that you sell. Once you have a following checking up on your blog and active on your site, they’ll be more likely to buy some of your products.

Get Rid of Annoyances

There are a lot of things that can be big turn-offs for online shoppers. For example, if your site has excessive ads or pop ups that are distracting and annoying, your customers are likely to give up on using your site. If possible, you may want to consider reducing or eliminating shipping costs. Many customers are attracted by the prices of certain products but are discouraged from completing their purchase when they see that taxes and shipping will be tacked onto the low price that they were hoping for. You should try and eliminate each of these factors from your website so customers are encouraged to use and shop on your website.

As you are setting up your eCommerce website, examine each of these options and determine which will work best for your aesthetic and align with the products that you are trying to sell. Remember that making the customer’s experience on your website easy and enjoyable is one of the best ways to increase your sales and traffic. Put your customer’s needs and tastes first and you will see that your eCommerce site will take off!

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