How I Used Elementor To Drop MY Website Bounce Rate And How You Can To

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All right folks firstly you’re probably asking yourself?  what Is a website bounce rate? Let me break it down for you, and secondly what is elementor which I discuss later in this blog post. Firstly   A website bounce rate is a analytical term for when people land on your website to when they click away from your website. Typically, people will decide in 8 seconds if your website content is what they are looking for and they will either A. click away, or B. stay on your website. This analytic is known as website bounce rate. IN this article I will discuss How I Used Elementor ( A word press website editor tool )  To Drop  MY Website Bounce Rate  And How You Can To.

Before I Started Using Elementor my bounce rate was around 97 percent. Yes that’s right everyone who found my website left very very fast. was it my content well maybe, is it my marketing / targeting probably, but in my case it was because of the design of my website it just was plain, simple and people didn’t like the look. It was too simple.

 Once I started using elementor a word press plug in and got good at it, my website bounce rate has ben dropping ( a good thing) month after month. In 3 short months I have gone from 99% bounce rate to 77% dropping almost 17% month after month. I have also seen an increase in site sessions duration time to 56 seconds. Up almost 117% every month.   This means when people find and land on my website,  they are reading and interacting with my content longer. A good sign because this means I am doing my job and giving my readers valuable content, which is the name of the game.

Why Does The Bounce Rate stat matter for your website?

  • Bounce rate = time spent on website before viewer leaves
  • The higher the bounce rate the worse it is for your website so 99% bounce rate is very bad
  • A typical bounce rate will be around 50-40% that’s a good number to have for your website
  • The bounce rate stat will give you a great idea if the content on your site matches what the viewers want
  • The bounce rate stat will also tell you if your marketing / targeting to your blog is working IE attracting the right people with an interest in your sites content ( example if your blog is about health care, then you do not want to run ads targeting people with tennis passions )

Factors / contributors to bounce rate stats & numbers


  • Titles / head lines Match content in the article – Do not click bate ( click bait works in short term but will kill your seo in the long term.
  • Marketing / targeting – make sure you are targeting the right people who have the same passions as your sites content so that people stay longer on your site.
  • Keyword research and keyword placements- again make sure your targeting the appropriate keywords for your sites content
  • The layout of your website – dose your inbound linking tabs flow correctly, and is it easy for viewers to consume your content.
  • Design of website – does your website look professional  is it clean and clear , and easy for viewers to consume your content.

Things not to do when fixing bounce rate

  • Freak out about color / text size / and photos – bounce rate is mostly about the content after you take a good hard look at how your sites content is doing then start tweaking your color schemes / photo sizes etc.
  • You need to have at least 100 website views a month before you can understand bounce rate and to change / adjust bounce rate results.
  • Create content for the search engines and bounce rate analytics – instead create content your readers love and want
  • Giving up because your results are poor. Don’t give up, this internet marketing thing is a long process with many dips and turns.
  • Using crappy wordpress templates that don’t benefit your readers.

DO you notice the trend, your bounce rate stat is all about the content, content is king as they say in the world of internet marketing and digital media.if we do not put the humans / readers first then nothing else matters, you will not get organic search results, people will not buy / consume your goods and services. if your focus is on stats then your thinking about it wrong, its about content and value, think about the readers first not the robots.

 Now that I have giving you a brief breakdown on some key pointer on bounce rate stats I want to transition into how I use elementor to drop my website bounce rate and how you can too.

Introducing elementor – A Drag and Drop Word Press website editor

Take Your website design to the next level using elementor, many top wordpress marketing professionals swear by elementor  me included.  Long story short Elementor is a drag and drop theme builder, you see instead of installing and downloading a wordpress theme templet, you will instead find and down load elementor in the word press plugins, connect your account and then start editing your website VIA elementor drag and drop features.


Now it will take some time getting use to navigating  and linking various accounts to your elementor profile on wordpress. But once set up Elementor is well worth using. For me the adjustment to using elementor was fairly easy , but I have a lot of experience with website editing tools, so depending on your level of experience will depend on your time to learn and excel with elementor. Also on the elementor website there is a lot of free training and support if needed.

Watch Me Edit A Blog Post With elementor in this short video – Is Blogging dead ? How To Jump Start Your Blog With Elementor

Elementor features in a nutshell

  • The Must Haves
    • Drag & Drop
    • No coding
    • Widgets
    • Inline editing
    • Template library
    • Mobile editing
    • RTL ready
    • Custom Breakpoints
  • Theme Builder
    • Headers & footers
    • Sticky Headers
    • Archive Page
    • Single Post
    • ACF & ToolSet
    • Dynamic Content
    • Display Conditions
  • Workflow
    • Auto saving features
    • Reision history
    • Redo /undo
    • Hotkeys
    • draftmode
  • Typography
  • Layout
  • Design
  • Moble editing
  • Forms
  • Integrations
  • Marketing
  • Social Media
  • Commerece
  • Interactions
  • Media
  • Support

As you can see from the above, elementor has a lot of features and selling points that will enable you to customize everything on your word press website. It’s easy to realize how powerful this tool is as it relates to web development, and internet marketing. You see guys elementor gives you the power to edit everything related to web design and editing features.

when I launched this site www.homebiznetworks.com back in 2016 I was using a stagnant template. this stagnant template was a good one, I was able to edit – change and manage many functions on this template. The main problem I faced in the early days of this site was traffic, traffic was not great and it took me a long time and many many blog posts to start receiving the amount of traffic I have with the site today.

Now hear is where the analytics for my bounce rate start coming in place. You need to have a steady flow of traffic in order to judge if your site is working correctly and providing value for your readers. The problem I started noticing that I knew my content was good and I knew my keyword / targeting was on point. How did I know this because readers where commenting on my posts and clicking on my affiliate links.


So then I started to dive deeper into the whys. I noticed my bounce rate was  so bad I started to think about my web site design and the look of my site. I did a lot of research and looked at many different other sites in my niche and noticed that my site looked very plain and almost out dated compaied to the top players in my niche .

So my next steps was to think – how can I edit / manage my site better I wanted a drag and drop software for my wordpress site. After scowling the web I found elementor. And boy am I glad I found it.  After the initial set up  and a few editing changes I learned and got good with elementor. I was able to edit all my pages link my auto responders, and start to capture leads. I even started to blog with the editing tools with elementor and my blog posts started to look amazing with quality graphics really cool sign up buttons, and nice follow links to other content on my site and social media tabs.

My Final Thoughts – How I Used Elementor To Drop MY Website Bounce Rate And How You Can To

After a few short months I noticed a huge drop in bounce rate, I got more clicks to my social media profiles, and hit higher rankings in the search engines. Thank you elementor for enhancing my site, and giving me the option of some very cool website design features. In many cases people focus on the wrong things when it comes to design. They focus on color scheme, font styles and size etc, not elementor has all of this and more, but the root of the cause in my thinking was not colors and texts it was how can I give my readers a better value of my site, I want my readers to easily find the content they need and want, and with elementor it is possible. When you put your readers / customers first anything can be possible. I hope this post gave you some great insight on webdesign and internet marketing. As always pleas leave me a comment if you have any questions.

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