How to Bring Harmony to Online and In-Store Shopping

Online shopping has never been more essential. The pandemic has made a lot of people take precautions in their day-to-day interactions, and some have relied on digital stores to run their errands. Figuring out how to merge both online and in-store shopping is a great way to reduce costs and simplify things for your customers. Plus, it keeps them safe!

Fuse Online and In-Store Ordering

Fusing these two shopping methods may seem kind of strange. However, it can be done and makes life exceptionally easier for the customer. For example, let’s say a customer (in-store) wants to buy a shelf that your business sells, but for one reason or the other, you don’t have it in stock. What some stores do is they get the customer’s delivery information and ship it when it becomes available.

If delivery can’t be done, a customer could order online and pick up their product in-store. These two ideas can open many opportunities for customer service and convenience. Isn’t that what a business is supposed to do?

Use an Integrate POS System

There is nothing more frustrating than a company forgetting their customer’s information. Fortunately, there is a way to mitigate this problem and enhance customer experience. POS software makes it easier to track loyalty points and gift redemptions across platforms. This can be done through a phone number and saves a lot of information.

Developing some form of customer account can also work and doesn’t require them to enter in a phone number (which some might have a problem with for personal reasons). Customer accounts can then be saved to a cloud that your store owns.

Allow for Better Communication

One thing that your website can assist customers with is answering questions they might have. While you may not be able to personally communicate with every customer as soon as they have a question, you can set up your website to be able to do this. If they have questions about digital shopping, have a section of your website talk about that.

Depending on who your customers are, you may want to consider different kinds of communication methods. For instance, texting is the main form of communication for those under 50. For older adults, phone calls may be a good option. Live chat is a good option if most of your communication is done through your website.

Overall, the way you merge your digital and in-person shopping depends entirely on you. You might want to fully integrate them, or you may stick to more traditional shopping methods. But remember, adaptability allows you to overcome shakes in the market more effectively.

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