How to Expand Your Pool of Job Candidates

Hiring has rarely been as difficult for businesses as it is now. With many companies and businesses struggling to keep their employees with major waves of resignations, finding an extensive pool of applicants whose qualifications are appropriate for your job postings is a challenge. But there are some things that you can do to expand your pool of job applicants and find the perfect candidate. Follow these three strategies to get more applicants to your job postings, and help you hire the right people for your business fast.

Write Better Descriptions

As a personal experiment, you should go on job posting sites and search for jobs like yours, and just read the job descriptions. You will be shocked by how vague and difficult to understand many job postings is. You need to have a detailed and accurate job description to pique the interest of many applicants who are seeing the same things repeatedly. A good way to start with a job description is to have employees already doing the job you are hiring for or the direct supervisor for the job write the job description. They know exactly what the job will entail.

Make Positions Remote

The number one factor that many employees are concerned with in today’s job market is flexibility. Never have workers been more concerned about their time, and a great way to give workers that flexibility is to offer remote work options to your employees. The pandemic has revealed that a lot of work can get done from home, without needing to be in the office more than maybe once every month or so. But remote work does bring some issues for your business, like data security. If you’re going to go this route, you need to work with cybersecurity professionals to ensure that your business data remains secure.

Pay Better

There is no way around it, the price of labor has gone up. At the end of the day, if you really want to expand the pool of job applicants your job postings receive, and to increase the quality of your applicants, you are often going to need to pay better. Offering above standard compensation packages to your employees will mean you have the best of the best applying for your job, seeking to be compensated fairly for the impact they can make at your business. If you find you can’t get enough employees, you may need to pay better.

Hiring is more difficult now than it has ever been in our lifetimes. That means you need to adopt new strategies to get enough applicants to your job postings. Focus on these three approaches and you will see a major jump in the number of job applicants you receive.

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