How to Get Customers to Trust You With Their Data

There’s really no question about it—businesses need data to run effectively and succeed. Marketing data, sales data, and customer data all have their own role to play, to name a few types. Of course, it takes a certain degree of trust in a business for customers to feel comfortable handing over data. So what can you do to get them to trust you?

Be Transparent

Consumers are placing a greater emphasis on transparency, especially when it comes to what businesses do with their data. Customer data is often used to influence pricing decisions, and consumers deserve to know if that’s the case. Being transparent about how customer data influences decisions can help consumers make the choices that benefit them most. For example, if someone who smokes is made aware that smoking will significantly increase insurance premiums, they may be more inclined to quit. Their health will benefit from this lifestyle change and the financial savings will help them feel better about the policy they’ve purchased.

Create a Cybersecurity Plan

One of the biggest concerns consumers have about businesses storing their data is what can happen to them if the business is compromised and their data is stolen. Any business that holds sensitive customer data is at risk of cybercrime. This opens your customers up to the threat of identity theft, which can have lifelong consequences. If you store customer data, you owe it to your customers to protect it with a cybersecurity plan. You can add trust badges and seals to your website to show customers you take protecting their data seriously.

Build a Reputation for being Trustworthy

Reputation is a big deal in business. If you can build a reputation for being a trustworthy business, you’ll find customers far more willing to trust you with their data. How you manage your reviews can make a huge impact on your reputation. It’s important to respond to both good and bad reviews alike. Having quality goods and services and top-notch customer service also goes a long way towards building consumer trust. If you can prove what you offer does what you say it does, you stand by your products, employees, and customers, and take steps to make things right when they go wrong, you’ll be more likely to earn the trust of your customers.

Getting customers to trust you with their data is important if you want your business to succeed. To help build that trust, make sure you are as transparent as possible about what you’re doing with it. Create a cybersecurity plan to protect the data you collect. You’ll also benefit from building a reputation for trustworthiness. The more you can build customer trust, the better they’ll feel about you having their data.

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