How to Get Your Customers to Do Business with You Again

It is the goal of any business to turn their customers into returning customers. Figuring out how to get customers to return can be especially challenging for small businesses. You get them to do business with you again by following up, valuing their time, and using incentives. Each of these things will help ensure return business.


It’s important to follow up with your customers. Always follow up by asking for feedback, staying in touch with them, and having some open line of communication. You can devote resources to continuing to build the relationship instead of merely setting your sights on the next transaction. Opportunities can include being active on social media, sending clients a special incentive, and regular communication such as email newsletters. However, there is a fine line between keeping in touch and becoming a nuisance. Your communication should be meaningful and have a purpose.


Value Their Time

Your customer’s time is important to them, so it should be important to you. Nobody want’s their time to be wasted waiting for an answer to their question or waiting for some help. About 21% of customers will only wait 5 minutes before giving up your business. You should make sure your customers feel like they are important to you and the success of your business and that comes through valuing their time. If you waste their time, they won’t return to your business and will probably spread the information to their friends and family. Valuing your customers’ time will not only ensure they return but will also help you to protect your reputation within the community.


Use Incentives

Entrepreneurs must use their ingenuity to make up that difference and customer loyalty programs for small businesses are a great place to start. You can use things like punch cards, memberships, loyalty apps, rewards programs, or any other incentives that will get your customers to return to your company. You can even offer discounts to people who refer their friends and family to your business.


Getting customers to do business with you again can be a difficult task but it’s one that is necessary for the success of your business. You can get them to do business with you again by following up, valuing their time, and using incentives. You need to do everything you can to make your customers experience with you one that they will want to repeat.

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