How to Grow Your Customer Base Internationally

One of the biggest steps you can take to grow your customer base is to go global. Nowadays, through the power of social media and the internet, the world is much more connected than it ever has been. Using these technological advances to your benefit can help you reach millions more people than you would by remaining local.

Research International Markets

Growing your customer base internationally can be intimidating because you are trying to build relationships with people that you probably know little about. In order for your brand to be successful in other countries, you need to make sure you have potential consumer markets there. Studying demographics, customs, and societal norms of a foreign country can help you see if there is a target audience for your brand there. This research can also help you make connections of shared values, traditions, or behaviors of both your current local target audience and your proposed future target audience.

Make Your Website More Accessible

International customers will most likely be interacting with your company and brand online, so it is imperative to have an accessible website. Creating a website in multiple languages can boost your conversion rates internationally. Other ways to make your website more accessible include allowing payments in different currencies, including size conversions, and offering inexpensive or free shipping with reliable tracking. If international customers feel that your website is catered towards them and their needs, they will be more likely to purchase products from you.  

Increase Diversity In Advertisements

Along with using diverse languages and numerical values, it is important to be visually inclusive as well. When possible, increase diversity in your advertisements by promoting using models or influencers from countries other than your own. Include promotions with people of all different ethnic and racial backgrounds, genders, sexualities, and ages as well. Use diverse, international backgrounds that pull themes from different cultures. Studies show that increasing diversity in advertisements greatly increases a company’s ROI. If an international customer sees someone like them or their home country represented in your advertisement, they will feel more strongly that your products are for them.   

If you are looking to significantly grow your company, building an international customer base is for you. Regardless of how foreign different countries may seem, the fact is that each country has customers with certain needs and wants. Once you hone international marketing, you can reach countless customers worldwide.  

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