How to Help New Hires Feel Welcome at Your Company

New employees will need a few weeks to get adjusted to their new role. They not only need to become familiar with their position, but they will also need to learn company procedures and policies and get to know their colleagues. They’ll quickly master the learning curve if you help them in their transition.

Introduce Them Socially

During the first few days, the new hire will meet many coworkers from throughout the company, but their names, faces, and roles may be forgotten amid the overwhelming amount of new information to be absorbed. To add to this, introduce the new employee in a more relaxed, social atmosphere.

Schedule a lunch date with the new employee and other key people they will be working with regularly. This will allow everyone to become acquainted away from the pressures of the office environment. Or consider a meet-and-greet with a before-hours continental breakfast or after-work snack served in a conference room.

Help Them Through the Onboarding Process

Onboarding involves detailed processes to be completed in a timely manner. Setting up new employees on the payroll is one of the first things you need to complete. Think about giving the employee time at work to do onboarding, so that someone is available to answer questions should they encounter something confusing.

You can also prepare an onboarding checklist that gives step-by-step instructions for the tasks the employee must complete. Plan a meeting with the new hire after a few days to see if onboarding is going well and discuss any questions about payroll, benefits, or scheduling.

Assign a Peer Mentor

A peer mentor should be a colleague in a similar position who has been with the company for a while and knows the company well. In the first few weeks, the peer mentor can be available for answering questions, from complex procedures to simple inquiries like where supplies are kept.

The peer mentor will also help the new hire integrate socially into their team or department and become acquainted with the company culture. Motivate the mentor with tangible reward or by making the task part of their annual performance review.

Your actions during onboarding and the first few weeks can set a positive tone for the new employee’s experience at your company. Ultimately, making the new employee feel welcome will lead to better job satisfaction and long-term retention.

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