How to Improve Every Interaction with Your Customers

Customer service is one of the most important factors that will determine the success of a business. Customers who feel valued and cared for will be more likely to return for future purchases while customers who feel ignored or used will make a hasty escape. Here are three tips to help you improve your interactions with your customers.

Improve Speed

Time is one commodity valued by virtually everyone. Increasing the speed of your service will improve your interactions with customers by showing them that you recognize that their time is valuable.

If a customer asks you a question, answer it politely and concisely; don’t waste their time with extensive detail or explanations unless they specifically ask you to do so. If you’re communicating online, make sure to reply promptly to customer concerns. Put in the necessary time and effort to improve your technical skills so that you can complete the various tasks a customer may request.


Ask for Feedback

Making sure your customers feel heard can foster customer loyalty. Asking for customer feedback shows that you value your customers’ opinions and that you are committed to improving their experience in the future. The best time to ask for customer feedback is after every conversation, transaction, ticket resolution, and product demo. In these situations, you will already be in an interaction, so asking for feedback at these times will be natural.

There are many ways in which you can ask for feedback, including online surveys, direct conversation, and customer reviews. Make sure to show gratitude to your customers for the feedback they offered. Accept their feedback graciously, and commit to taking specific actions to implement that feedback in the future.


Be Personal

Adding an appropriate level of personal connection to your interactions with customers will help them feel that you care for them. Make an effort to learn their name and use it once or twice throughout the conversation. Find common ground with them and use that to establish a connection. This level of personalization is especially important in online interactions when you can’t see your customers face to face. Personalizing your customer interactions will help you build trust and foster loyalty from your customers.


You may be surprised at how much your relationships with your customers improve as you make an effort to improve your speed, ask for feedback, and personalize your interactions. These three tools are simple, but have proven to be valued by countless customers and companies.

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