How to Reduce Customer Pain Points When Interacting With Your Business

You know that your customers need to be able to interact with your business online if you are to reap the benefits of having an online presence. That’s often easier said than done, however. Online interactions can be fraught with different pain points that customers often find frustrating enough to take their business elsewhere. That doesn’t do good things for you, so what can you do to reduce some of those pain points?

Reduce Wait Times

Once your customers place their orders, the wait to receive their shipment begins. Thanks to Amazon and their free two-day shipping for Prime members, expectations regarding how long it takes to ship something and how much it costs have changed dramatically. If you want to stay competitive and keep your customers satisfied, you need to find ways to keep the time customers spend waiting for their goods under control. Find ways to avoid backorders as much as possible and keep your order fulfillment team staffed to ensure speedy fulfillment times and delivery.

Make Communication Easy

There are a ton of different reasons why a customer may feel the need or desire to reach out to your business. If they struggle to make contact or if it takes too long to hear back, their level of satisfaction with your business is going to decline. You can reduce frustration and increase engagement by giving customers a choice of which platform they use. You can also set a benchmark for how quickly your business will respond to customers. This should increase the chances that you’ll get back to your customers promptly.

Simplify Shipping

The details of the shipping process more directly impact your employees, but the results of those processes will be felt by your customers. The simpler you make your shipping, the easier and more streamlined it becomes for everyone. Avoid offering your customers too many shipping options to choose from. Use address verification to make sure orders get sent to the right place. Offer detailed order tracking that customers can use to follow along with their purchase until it arrives at its destination. This provides customers with peace of mind and can increase their satisfaction with your business.

It’s in everyone’s best interest for you to take steps to reduce customer pain points. By taking steps to reduce wait times, make communications easy, and simplify shipping, you can make the interactions customers have with your business far more enjoyable. As a result, you’ll likely see an increase in your online customer satisfaction, and your customers will enjoy better service.

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