How To Sell Services On Fiverr And Make Quick Cash Working From Home

How To Sell Services On Fiverr And Make Quick Cash Working From Home

All right folks, I am Back sorry,  its ben a while sense my last blog post. I have ben busy working with clients on Fiverr building funnels, and configuring wordpress websites. In this blog post I will be discussing How To Sell  Services On Fiverr And  Make Quick Cash Working From Home. Let me firstly explain that you may not have the same results as I do. Selling freelancing services can be very tough, and results vary depending on many factors.  However in this blog I will be breaking down some key tips that have allowed me to make over 100 bucks on selling internet marketing freelancing services on fiverr.

Part One The basics – How To Sell Services On Fiverr And Make Quick Cash Working From Home

Your Profile & Skills Matter A-lot On Fiverr

Your profile is a key factor on results and landing clients on fiverr. And then you need to showcase your skills within your profile. Remember your profile is the first thing a potential client will see.  let me breakdown some great tips for setting up your profile on fiverr. And how to look professional.

  • Use your real Photo – don’t use stalk photos or business logos. Save those photos for your Gig images
  • Be truth full of skills and experience – don’t be salesy think bio & passions
  • Leave links to your business page accounts IE facebook -google+ – linkedin (clients like to know who you they will be working with)
  • If possible create a very short video discussing who you are and how your skills can benefit a clients business

Your Giggs

Depending on your services will depend on how you will build out your gigs. Firstly try to restraint from getting your gigs perfect on the first go around. Secondly in some cases fiverr gives you gig options on level of services IE Tier 1,2,3 with different packages. Now depending on your service will depend on how you will build out your gig. Thirdly you will need to add photos videos and details about your gig. Use this feature for business logos & branding.  Least  you will need set up pricing. Don’t be too cheap, but if this is your first gig, then you may want to  give a discount or be prepared to give extra features after purchase.

Key pointers on Fiverr gigs

  • Create multipole service packages
  • Add short videos & photos to your gig
  • Don’t go two cheap to land your first client give extra features but keep your gig price relevant to your market
  • Be very specific on what you can do and results for the client.
  • Be ready to respond to emails fast within 24 hours

Part Two Landing clients – How To Sell Services On Fiverr And Make Quick Cash Working From Home

Above I discuss a basic breakdown on how your gigs, and fiverr profile should look like. Now I want to breakdown some different ways that you can market your Fiverr gigs on line. Marketing your fiverr gigs is very similar to ways marketers will generate website traffic, it works the same way with your fiverr gigs, the more views the more business you will get.


Social Media Marketing

Share your fiver gigs on social media and Instagram. Post your fiverr gig on facebook groups, and share your link on your facebook / Instagram profile. Tell people about your fiverr gigs daily post your gig on social media sites a few times a week.


Create short videos and post them on youtube. Talk about how your fiverr gig can benefit the clients business. Don’t be shy just be honest and be you. Also leave links to your fiverr gigs in your youtube about video section.

Blogging / business  Websites

Blog about your gigs, and talk about your gig features on your business website. I like to create separate blog post for each of my fiverr gigs, discussing how that particular gig could benefit a business, and how the customer may order your gig. Then share that blog post on social media, submit that blogpost to the search engines. 

Email Marketing

Do you have a full hungry, thirsty list of email subscribers starving for more of your work and content? Great blast that email list with a link back to your fiverr offers. Email marketing can be one of the best ways to market your services. If you don’t have a list I would suggest running a Soload campaign. Just google search solo ads and test a service.

Part Three My Key Tips – How To Sell Services On Fiverr And Make Quick Cash Working From Home

My key Fiverr tips

  • Use The Buyer request tab under the selling tab to find potential jobs
  • Keep promoting your gigs on social media
  • Talk to people who may need marketing services via forums and then tell them the best way to pay you is thru fiverr ( I used this technique to land my first fiverr gig )
  • Ask for review after customer receives work from you. The post your reviews and star ratings
  • Do your market research and keep your offer price aligned with the market, you will see to many people offering very cheap services on fiverr don’t get sucked into this. Know your worth and stick with it your pricing
  • Make sure you follow up asap to client emails and questions.
  • Make sure you look professional and be very honest on past experiences.
  • Keep adjusting your gig slightly change your photo, build new gigs,
  • Don’t get discourage keep at it
  • After you land your first gig, your gig rankings will get better and you will notice more and more views.

Final thoughts How To Sell Services On Fiverr And Make Quick Cash Working From Home

Selling your services and gigs on fiver is a lot of work and hustle. You will need a thick skin because the competition  is hard, potential clients go cold for no reason, there are many scams and false claims, and it is very hard to get views on fiverr. However the potential to grow a marketing business, gain clients and build a portfolio  for your skills, fiverr is the number one spot to be on.


Fiverr is one of the most popular places for freelance services, not only do I sell gigs on fiverr I purchase gigs on fiverr. My friends its about the hustle. Be prepared to answer emails fast, get ready to adapt and change your gigs, and do not try to underprice your gigs just to land more clients. stay strong and keep your hustle alive. Its about providing value to your clients, if you focus on value then the customers will come. Keep the faith and give value. I hope this short article helps you. Please tell me  below if this article helped you land more sales.

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