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How To Send An Email Marketing Blast In Market Hero

As many of us old timers know, that money is in the list.  A key to many successfully online brands or really any business is email marketing. Email marketing in case you don’t know is the process of collecting leads ( email address ) from a potential customer, and giving them / following up with content that comes in the form of email. In this blog post – How to send an email marketing blast in market hero, I break down my favorite email marketing tool. Which is called market hero. I break down how to send an email blast to all your contacts, where you can promote your business and product updates to all your contacts in under 15 minutes.

What Is Market Hero ?

  • Founder – Alex Becker
  • Price – Based On Email List size – 1k $20.00 -3k $38.00 – 7.5k  $99.00 ( prices are based on list size pay per month )
  • Industry – Autoresponder /email marketing / customer centric tracking  with analytics

Market hero makes email marketing fun & easy  and simplifies the automation process. The autoresponder software is known to be industry leader for email delivery and customer tracking. The software is also very simple to use and has a bunch of features and comes with amazing tech support.

I use market hero with my online business and brands and I highly recommend you use market hero to send email blasts and manage your leads.

Using Market Hero – How To Send An Email Marketing Blast In Market Hero

The process of sending an email blast to your email list in market hero is quite easy to set up. All you will need is to first have a list to send the email blast to, and content for the email. That’s it, just follow the below steps and watch your leads turn into customers.

The Steps  

  1. Log into account
  2. And in the left plane select email
  3. Choose new email blast
  4. Select tags ( your email leads )
  5. Pick template
  6. Upload content
  7. Send blast email
Log Into Market Hero
Select Tags – Email List
Select Email Then email blast
Choose email Template
Up Load email Content
Send Email

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