How to Spot On line scams – Key Thoughts

My friends, the online home business / work from home job opportunities on line market place is a very hostile environment, if you are not careful you may get caught up in a quick money making scheme. This is troubling for me, I have fallen for some of these scams in the past, and I would like to share some of my experience with you, so that you may not fall into some of the below traps. Learn how to spot on line scams and keep reading below.


Popular Online Scams / Schemes Today – A Quick Break Down 


Data Entry – Most opportunities will evolve and require upfront payments to processes with performance training, and hardly ever pay as well as they advertise.

 Marketing Pyramid Schemes –  Resembling chain letter scams, pyramid scams will only be engaged with exchanging money, no goods or services. Most people who invest into these scams originate from the belief, that their investment has an income potential from others who join the program behind them.

 Envelope Stuffing – Come sign up and pay a fee. This is a common slogan for Envelope Stuffing scams, because after you sign up you may receive an email stating how you can earn a commission on selling the same opportunities for selling the same scam and make a commission from it, with a nonrefundable purchase. Usually people fall for this because they are told that they will be paid to mail documents for companies, in various industries. This is very shady, and beware of these types of scams, because they sound so tempting to try.

Unsolicited Job Offers – These type of job opportunities, find their way into your email chain. Mostly promoting immediate job placement and training for job placement. You must be very careful with these types of scams because they look legit at first but after a little research you may find that these jobs have very little job descriptions, little to none job requirements, un professional emails, and strange looking email name / account with little to none contact information. IE – company name, phone number, office address, and manager name with job title, if any of these things look funny then it is probably a scam. Remember most job opportunities will have you first contact them for the job not the company contact you VIA emails.

 Product assembling of goods –  Similar to rebating processing scams, these product assembling gigs, are mostly scams. They evolve you putting money up first for goods and products, assembling these products for sale. After a product is assembled you must return it to the company for distribution.  The companies then will reject the product no matter how close you are to creating the sample product for sale. And their in- lies the scam it is all about that up front cost. Stay clear from product assembly work from home gigs.

Key things to look for in a work from opportunity Scam  

 The below list are some key questions / points  you should be asking yourself before you try or purchase a work from home opportunity.


  • Detailed job information / duties. The what’s, when’s, and how’s.
  • Grammar errors, is the email written professionally, or is their $$$ sings littering the page.
  • Is the job interview conducted over any type of IM messaging service like google chat, or yahoo IM?
  • Does the interview sound like a sales pitch focusing on how much money you make? The interview should be focused on job duty’s and skill sets, not price tags.
  • Are you pressured to take the job ASAP, sign up now type of thing?
  • Can you find the companies name in the job postings?
  • Do you need to invest with the company or pay any fees to join?
  • Does the opportunity sound to good to be true?
  • Can you find the opportunity on other internet platforms, IE- company reviews, employee turnover rate etc.?
  • Do you have a strange gut bad feeling?


The most important thing is money, these scams artist are professionals at scamming and will try to trick you at all costs and steal your hard earned cash. You must remember to trust your gut and do your research. If you don’t feel right or something seems strange than walk away and save your money. Most employees will give you a day or two to make a decision, so don’t feel pressured to take that offer asap.


Not all work from opportunities are scams, there is  a lot of excellent ways  you can make passive income from the comfort of your own home. For more information on excellent ways to work from home follow this link  Learn How To Work From Home.

Please join the discussion, and leave me your thoughts below in a comment. Knowledge is key so if you have any questions in regards to online business scams –  ask away.


Thanks for reading – Shane.

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