How To Work Remote In 2020 – My Key Strategies To Being Successful Working From Home
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How To Work Remote In 2020 – My Key Strategies To Being Successful Working From Home

The Key Strategies to Being Successful Working from home

HI friends, As many of my readers know, I am an IT professional who does a lot of internet marketing consulting as well. Needless to say I know how to work remote, and during this tough time I want to share with you How to work remote in 2020-my key strategies to being successful working from home.

Do to this pandemic (covid19) many people are working remote / from home during this crisis, which to many tough times for IT professionals to figure this all out. As well as the typical office worker being very confused on how to work from home. In general, there is a lot of uncertainty in the air and everyone seems to be lost and confused.

However, I am here to change all that. I want to share my top strategies for working from home. The below tips on how to work remote in 2020 will help guide you to staying productive, confident, and agile during this rough time. Working remote should be fun and stress free, so just breath grab yourself a cup of JOE, and read this article, however, don’t just read this article start implementing the below strategies for a better working remote experience in 2020.

Figuring out your working Style

 this is the first step to having a successful remote working experience, how ever it may take some experimentation. What do I mean, well firstly you will need to under stand what makes you work better.  . For example, do you like being surrounded by white noise? A café may be the best choice for you. Work well in silence? It might be time to invest in some noise-cancelling headphones. Other things to consider are whether you’re more productive in the morning or in the evening and whether you’re motivated by taking small breaks throughout the day or a longer midday respite. This is the beauty of remote work – getting to work during your best hours, whatever they may be.

In my case I love to work in the mornings and I love to listen to tech podcasts as I work. I typically like to do the most challenging work first. I then move onto other tasks as the day goes by. In my experience its better to focus on the hardest tasks first.

Know when to “Log Off “

This can be a challenge for many, however quite frankly it shouldn’t be. You see because people are working remote and home they feal the need to “Prove” to their employers that can be trusted and people seem to just always be available. How ever this the wrong way. Working remote is all about freedom and getting work done. Don’t always be loged in, and  try to set a strict schedule. for example, don’t just respond to emails right away respond to emails when your working. Don’t just pick up your phone, answers calls during your working period. Think of it this way if your in the office and you grab a cup of coffee are you going to answer the phone?? No your not, you’re going to get a coffee take a minute and call them back. This principle stays true for working remote and working from home.

Organization Of workspace

Set your self up to be successful working remote in 2020 this means to keep your home desk organized and cleaned. Get ride of clutter and gather everything you would need to be successful in the office, just set up your homework space the same. Staying organized and focused is the secret sauce.

Morning Routines & End Of Shift Notes

In my experience I like to wake up early and work out way before my typical work shift would start. I would advice you  to try the same, wake up before your shift starts read a book or exercise. This allows you to keep your mind fresh and helps with focus.  

On the other side of the spectrum, when you are closing down shop for the day, its best to reorganize the tasks you completed and things you may need start first thing the next day. Remember to stay organized.

Technology Is your Best Friend

Technology is your main tool for being successful working remotely from home. You need to make sure that all your technology is working great and is properly configured. Below I share a list of sorts of different technologies that you will need to be successful with working remote in 2020.

  • Internet – make sure you have a highspeed internet connection with land lines and wifi settings configured correctly.
  • Hardware – make sure your equipment is working correctly.IE – microphone, camera, keyboard, mouse, printers.
  • Software -make sure your software is patched and up to date. Use email video, and chat tools to communicate.  

The perks of working remotely

Enjoy this opportunity and freedom of working from home. This is time of celebration and freedom. I love working remotely and doing my own thing. You see once you understand and implement the  teachings in this How To Work Remote In 2020 – My Key Strategies To Being Successful Working From Home  article you will be free to make a lot of money and live a life of freedom. 

Please leave a comment below and tell me your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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