What Is Internet Marketing? The Core 7 Principles

What Is Internet Marketing? The Core 7 Principles What Is Internet Marketing?

In short Internet marketing is a business marketing concept and practice, that utilizes the Internet to build brand awareness, sales, and market products and services VIA the world wide web. Also Internet marketing handles the creation and proper placing of adds with in the sales cycle for business. Some of these forms are, email campaigns, banner adds, seo, and PPC advertising. ( Pay per click)

What are the Different types of Internet Marketing? Keep reading I break them down below.

Affiliate Marketing –

Typically this term is related to a business transaction, where as a business pays another online retailer a percentage of the sale that is made VIA the affiliate Marketers website. This is an ecommerce exchange that can be very lucrative, and win win for both parties.  See link below to get more info for how and what Affiliate Marketing is and how to get started learning the process.

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Learn how Affiliate Marketing can boost your income levels 


Display Advertising –

 Think Advertising banners, this marketing concepts relates to those stripe style boxy, looking adds you will find on  various website. Business and marketing professionals alike use Display advertising to boost website traffic, sales, and brand awareness. Its vary similar to the old school marketing techniques of banner ads, and adds u see in magazines.

Email Marketing –

Collecting, and communicating to customers VIA email is the name of the game with this internet marketing concept. In-todays Internet marketing world, the email is a powerful and reliable tool, some will say the money is in the list, this refers to your email marketing campaign, and I do not diss-agree.


Inbound Marketing –

Blogging, and free content. This process is hard to track when it relates to direct sales, but it is the most important marketing technique for building brand awareness, and growing a loyal customer base of enthusiastically buyers. Inbound Marketing is the process of building free content for websites like blogs, and social media profiles that give your potential customers a sample of your products and services, business blogs are great example of this marketing practice.


 SEO – Search Engine Optimization –  

Ever hear of the term “google Rank” well that term refers to SEO. Search engine Optimization is the process of getting unpaid rankings ( natural) in the SERPs. Key word research and proper keyword placements with in your website is the name of the game. Now in order to rank well in the SERPs can take a lot of work, and a long time. But when done properly it can be extremely profitable for your business. Follow the link below for more info on how to start with an SEO campaign.

SEO 101 


SEM –  Search Engine Marketing

Promoting a business VIA Paid advertising. Where as SEO is unpaid advertising techniques, SEM is with paid advertising. Some examples of SEM is google pay-per-click (PPC)  platform, bing ads, and banner adds. To gain a better understanding of PPC and how to start follow the below Link

Paid advertising techniques Link

Social Media Marketing

Self-explanatory, this internet marketing technique refers to building brand awareness VIA social media shares, likes, and messaging boards. Social media marketing is the newest form of marketing for internet marketers, and business owners, and it is not going anywhere anytime soon. To learn more about social media marketing, follow the below link.

How to – Social Media Marketing 


Core Reasons Why Internet Marketing is Important !

Firstly, the opportunity to connect to millions of people, and show them your products and services VIA the world wide web  is reason enough to implement a online marketing campaign. And if your looking for a second reason, in most cases internet marketing is a cheaper form of marketing , then many other marketing advertising platforms, like TV commercials and bill board adds.

Secondly ,  internet marketing campaigns are extremely effective, and there are many ways to track, and measure profit driving marketing techniques when it comes to internet marketing. Learning internet marketing can be quite challenging, but in return can be quite profitable for your business and services. I subject to start implementing a internet marketing plan for your business today, so you cant start reaping profits tomorrow.

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